List index out of bounds (255)

when i open convertxtodvd and hit the settings button I ger the error List Index Out Of Bound (255)

What is the problem because I cannot find any solution

Thank you

Hi there,

Are you using v2.1.5.173 which is currently the latest.

If not, update to the latest and see if it occurs again.

I am told errors like [B]List Index Out Of Bound (255)[/B] are not easy to troubleshoot, then can be anything and everthing :doh:

thanks for the reply…

yeah I have the latest version and still the same problem… :frowning:

I also uninstalled the program and installed it again but this did not solve anything…

Problem solved…I unistalled the program and deleted its crap from the registry and then installed it again…

Everything OK now