List here your faulty HDD



Some time ago I got a RMA for a damaged hard disk (a WD20EARS), but because of the current situation I decided to save this disk for emergencies.

Yesterday I finally opened the package and then the surprise… the disk was DOA :doh:

This is the third drive failing and again it is a green power series disk from Western Digital.

Now I’m trying to find a disk to buy, but it is rather difficult to make a choice, because all drives seems to me poor quality pieces of hardware.

So, I’m trying to find the best compromise.

Please, post here your personal experiences, what drives failed, how long they worked, how many were DOA, so I can have an idea what brands and models should be avoided.

Currently my personal experience suggest to avoid like hell every green power disk produced by Western Digital :Z

All RE-x series drives are currently the best ones I bought, but nowadays prices for these drives are definitely out of my range :sad:

The main usage for the drives is for backup, i.e. not to be installed in computer for every day usage.

Another thing I’m curious to know is about external vs internal drives.

Based on your personal experience, external drives have a higher failure rate compared to internal drives?

If possible, when posting here your experiences, please post also how drives was used (i.e. installed in a NAS, set as RAID system, used occasionally for backup, etc)

Every suggestion is welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody :slight_smile:


Yo Geno-

I have owned/used/installed many [B]Western Digital Caviar Blacks [/B]- and not one failure yet-eh!


One WD 40GB failed, but i had something to do with that.
I am also very unlucky with seagate, some ancient drives dying for no reason. All drives were used to run the os. The latest drive was a 500GB from the famous 7200.11 series.


The Samsung F4 is still available and widely liked.

I second the vote for the WD Caviar Black, but frankly they are too fast to use just for storage.

If you’re going to put it in a external enclosure, I’d stick with one of the 5900RPM drives.


I’ve never had a hard drive completely die on me. I’ve always given them away when they got old or sold them. So my experiences probably won’t help too much.

I do like my Samsung 2tb drive quite a lot. Its the same one that CDan linked. I use it for video storage.


I have two Samsung F4, and indeed these drives are excellent :slight_smile:

Currently, prices for RE-series are too high, certainly not the best choice for external storage :disagree:

All drives that failed to me was of the green power series, so I think I’ll never buy anymore another GP drive.

I’ll have a look at prices for caviar black in local stores, thanks for suggestion Mike :slight_smile: