List games/apps/music/twilight > VANAF 15,- snel en goedkoop



First of all, sorry to Duke, I forgot to put the subject line in English (can’t change it anymore).

The list of all stuff I can get you:

Mail to of of

All computercd’s costs 15,- excl 3,20 sendcosts,
Dubbelcd’s costs 25,-
Muziekcd’s costs 15,- excl 3,20 sendcosts.
Hitexplosion original kost 32,50,- excl 3,20 sendcosts,
Hitexplosion copie cost 20,- excl 3,20 sendcosts.
Twilight cd’s costs 20,- excl 3,20 sendcosts.

500 Nations
7000 cliparts tlc domus
A bugs life
A-10 cuba
A2 racer II
A2 racer III 2cd’s
Abeltje Nederlands
Abes exodus 2cd’s
Actua golf II
Actua icehockey II 2cd’s
Actua soccer 3d en fatal racing 3d
Addiction pinball
Adobe illustrator v8.0 nederlands
Adobe photo deluxe home edition v4.0
Adobe photodeluxe
Adobe photoshop de luxe v4.0 Nederlands
Adobe photoshop v5.0 2cd’s
Adobe photoshop v5.0 PWW400R7106337-339
Adobe photoshop v5.5 2cd’s
Age of empire 2
Airline simulator 2
Airline tycoon first class NL
Akuma demon spapwn
Aliens vs predator 2cd’s
Alone in dark III
Alpha centauri
Amored fist III
And route 98 Nederlands
Animal kingdom
Animals encyclopedia
Animals of the world
Animaniacs splat ball
Annihilation 2cd’s
Anno 1602
Arcade frenzy
Arcade legends
Argosys 2325
Army men II
Army men III
Asghan dragon slayer
Atlantis II 4cd’s
Atlantis de verloren legende Nederlands 4cd’s
Audubon’s mammals
Autocad 2000 + learning assistant 2cd’s
Avengers pinball
Babyz your virtual baby
Backyard football
Barbie look Nederlands
Barbie paardrijden Nederlands
Barbie sierraden designer Nederlands
Baseball 2000 ms
Bass tourment 3d
Battle zone II
Beat machine dancemaker
Bfl tour 2000 football
Big brother the game Nederlands
Blaze and blade
Bleem orgineel
Blokken Nederlands
Blood I
Blood II the chosen
Bodyworks v6.01
Boggle nl
Bosatlas junior europa Nederlands
Bosatlas junior nederland Nederlands
Bosatlas junior wereld Nederlands
Brittanica encyclopedie 99 3cd’s
Broken sword II 2cd’s
Bubble bobble hero 2
Buckmasters top bow championship
Bugs bunny
Bust a move 4
CD drukkerij kit nl easy computing NEW VERSION JULI 1999
CD drukkerij kit nl easy computing data becker
CD-designer Nederlands
Cabaret vele verschillende cabaretiers Nederlands
Caesar II
Cap en co detective bureau Nederlands
Captain claw v1.2
Cardshop plus
Carmageddon I
Carmageddon II
Case closed
Castrol 2000
Castrol honda superbike
Cd-foon gids 98 met platte gronden
Cd-foon gids 99 met platte gronden dec.'99 v4.04
Championship manager 3 '99
Chess master 7000 2cd’s
Citydisk Nederlands
Civilisation call to power
Civilization II the test of time
Claw v1.2
Clean sweep home Nederlands
Close combat IV the battle of the bulge
Code breaker Nederlands
Codename eagle
Colin McRae rally
Combat fligt simulator ms
Command & conquer
Commando’s beyound the call of duty
Competitie manager 2000 nederlands
Complete davis cup tennis
Comptons Interactive encyclopedia 96
Corel Gallery Magic 2 cd’s
Corel print house
Coreldraw 9 engl. (456-1134-1987)
Coreldraw 9 nl 3 cd’s
Cosmopolitain virtuele metamorfose
Crazy pinball kollektie van pinball games
Crazy platform kollektion jump and run games
Crazy tetris kollektie van tetris games
Creatures 3
Creatures adventures
Crusader of might & magic
Cursus davilex excel nl
Cyclemania motor race
DK Op wereldreis Nederlands
DK history of the world
DK the ultimate human body
DK the way things work
DK virtual bird ultimate multimedia guide to the world of birds
DK virtual cat ultimate multimedia guide to the world of cats
DK world reference atlas
Dark vengeance
Darts elite
Davi tuin 3D
Davi tuin de luxe nl
Davis cup tennis 98
Davis cup tennis complete
Dawn patrol
Day of the tentacle
De aarde 3d Nederlands
De hond Nederlands
De jacht op de gestolen kroonjuwelen Nederlands
De mens 3d Nederlands
De natuur interactive encyclopedie DKM Nederlands
Decent II
Decent III 2cd’s
Decent free space 3cd’s
Deer stalker
Delta force
Delta force II
Devils islamds pinball
Dick johnson v8 challenge
Dictionary of the living world
Die by the sword 2
Disciples sacred lands
Disk world noir 3cd’s
Diskjuggler CDJ-039934FD-FU
Disney pinball
Doom II
Dragon fire 2cd’s
Drakan order of the flame
Duke nukem kill a ton collection 3d
Duke nukem nuke-it 300 levels
Duke nukem power tolls + 1000 levels
Duke nukem scenariomania 500 levels
Duke nukem total chaos 700 levels
Dungeon keeper 2 2cd’s
Earthworm jim
Eartworm jim 3d
Easy cd creator de luxe v3.01 + v3.5b
Easy cd creator de luxe v4.0 - 110010629931
Easy cd creator de luxe v4.0 Nederlands 110300209940
Easy mp3 databecker
Easy travel pro Nederlands v2.02
Ef 2000
Elite darts
Encarta 98 Nederlands
Encarta 99 2cd’s
Encarta encyclopedy 2000 nl 2cd’s
Encarta world atlas '99 2cd’s
Encyclopedia of science eyewitness
European airwar
Evilcore: fallen city’s
Expert pool
Extreme biking
Extreme paintbrawl II
Extreme pinball
Extreme rock climbing
Extreme tennis
Ez scsi v4.02 adaptec
F1 racing
F22 air dominance fighters
F22 lightning III
Fable avonturen
Falcon v4.0
Fifa 2000
Fifa 97
Fifa 98
Fifa 99
Film: 11 th floor
Film: Mummy 2cd’s
Film: Starwars 2cd’s
Film: The matris 2cd’s
Final fantasy 7 4cd’s
Final libaration
Fly 3cd’s
Football pro 99
Force 21
Ford boyard de legend Nederlands 3cd’s
Ford racing
Formula 1 grand prix
Formule 1 racing
Formule one '99
Freddy fish 1 NL Verhaal van het verdwenen zeewierzaadje
Freddy fish 2 NL Het mysterie van de spoken op school
Freddy fish 3 NL De zaak van de gestolen trompetschelp
Freddy fish 4 Engl.
Freddy fish 4 NL
Freespace II 3cd’s
Frenzy arcade
Future cop race-game
GP 500
Game net and match
Gang warfare 2066
Geldtrainer bruna Nederlands
Gex microsoft
Goblins III
Grabiel knight III 3cd’s
Grand prix 2
Grand prix legends
Griezelbus Nederlands
Grim fandango 2cd’s
Grollier encyclopedy mindscape
Gta 2
Gulf war operation dessert hammer
Half-life opposing force
Hard truck road to victory
Hatfields and mc.coy
Heart of darkness
Heavy gear II
Heelal 3d Nederlands
Heretic II
Heroes of might and magic
Heroes of might and magic III armageddons blade
Het cd-rom boek Nederlands
Het heelal 3d Nederlands
Hexen 2
Hidden & dangerous fight for freedom
Hollandse mix II
Home designer 3d 2cd’s
Horse racing
Hoyle board games
Hoyle card games
Hype the time quest
Ik hou van taal Nederlands
Independence war deluxe edition defiance
Indiana Jones & the infernal machine 2 cd’s
Indy car racing
Inherent evil
International rally championship
Internet cursus davilex Nederlands
Interstate 82
Jagged alliance II
Jakkal & flesh & bones
Jane’s fleet command
Jane’s usaf 2cd’s
Jedi knight dark forces II
Jersey devil
Jimmy white’s cueball
Joint strike fighter
Juga street racing
Juggernaut new levels for quake II
K.O ultra realistic boxing
Kiddysoft puzzle II Nederlands
King quest Collection I II III IV V VI 2cd’s
King quest VII
King’s quest mask of eternity
Kingpin life of crime
Klingon honor guard startrek the next generation 2cd’s
Kramers talen cd-rom nederlands 2cd’s
Lands of lore III 4cd’s
Larry Collection I II III V VI
Leer alles over internet davilex nl
Leer snel werken met windows 98 davilex nederlands
Legacy of kain
Lego creator
Lego eiland Nederlands
Lego rock raiders
Leisure suit larry love for sail
Leren omgaan met de pc nl davilex
Lettergreep Nederlands
Lingo van de tv nederlands
Links ls 2000 3cd’s
Lion king II
Loderunner II
Loderunner the legend returns
Lost eden
Love Bytes
Lucky letters Nederlands
M25 racer
Machines 2cd’s
Madden nfl 2000
Magic carpet
Mahjong ec Nederlands
Mammals encyclopedia
Masterclips 9 cd’s
Mcaffee office 2000
Mcse tcp/ip2 for dummies
Mechwarrior 2
Mechwarrior 3
Mechwarrior 3 pirates moon expansion pack
Medio Safari
Medische encyclopedie philips Nederlands
Mia de spannende speurtocht naar mimi’s medicijn 2cd’s NL
Microprose formula one grand prix
Microsofr encarta encyclopedie 2000 nl 2cd’s
Microsoft 2000 4 cd’s
Microsoft 500 nations
Microsoft art gallery
Microsoft cinemania 96
Microsoft dangerous creatures
Microsoft dogs
Microsoft encarta 95 encyclopedia
Microsoft encarta 96 atlas
Microsoft encarta 96 encyclopedia
Microsoft encarta 97
Microsoft encarta 99 2cd’s
Microsoft encarta world atlas 2000 2cd’s
Microsoft entertainment pack
Microsoft flight-simulator 2000 3cd’s
Microsoft internationaal football 2000
Microsoft money 97 nl
Microsoft musical instruments
Microsoft oceans
Microsoft office 2000 professional 4cd’s
Microsoft office 97 prof.ed.: word97 - excel97 - powerpoint97 - outlook97
Microsoft plus 98
Microsoft publisher 98
Microsoft publisher 98 Nederlands
Microsoft world atlas 2000 2cd’s
Midi master collection
Midtown madness
Mig alley
Might and magic VII 2cd’s
Might and magic collection I II III IV V
Militato rule the world
Millinium pack voor office 97
Mind rover
Missile command
Mission force cyberstorm
Mocrosoft picture-it v2.0
Monaco grand prix racing simulator II
Monopoly casino
Monstertruck madness II
Moordspel Nederlands
Mortyr beta
Mortyr final
Moto racer I
Moto racer II
Motorcross madness
Multimedia dogs complete interactive guide to dogs
Music machine
Music writer
Muziek cd-brander Nederlands
My little pony
Myth 2
Nascar Racing
Nascar racing 3
Natural sex with jana jameson
Nba 99
Nba drive 2000 basketball
Nba live '99
Nba live 2000
Need for speed III hot persuit
Need for speed high stakes
Nero burning rom v4.0 Nederlands 1464-0000-0034-5117-3393
Nfl tour 2000 football
Nhl 2000
Nhl 99
Nocturne 2cd’s
Nomad soul 3cd’s
Norton Utilities 2000
Norton ghost personal edition v5.1d
Norton internet security 2000
Norton system works 2cd’s
Norton utilitie v3.0 Nederlands
Oceans below
Official formula 1 racing
Offroad 3
Ondek je eigen lichaam Nederlands
Outcast 2cd’s
Pageworld hacking/cracking cd
Pageworld internet cd
Pandora’s box
Partition it v5.0 Nederlands
Pax corpus nederlands
Phantasmagoria 1
Phantasmagoria 2 : a puzzle of flesh
Philips media interactive encyclopedie Nederlands
Phoenix 2cd’s
Physic force 2012
Pict. it! 99 2cd’s
Pinball arcade ms nl
Pinball fantasies deluxe
Pinball fantasy journey
Pinball power
Pinball the lost continent sierra
Pizza syndicate
Planescape torment 4cd’s
Police quest collection
Pool champion
Prince of persia 3d 2cd’s
Prince of persia collection
Printmaster gold
Printmaster platinum 3cd’s
Privateer investigator
Pro audio 2.01
Professional bull riding
Promise II 2cd’s
Psychic force 2012
Putput 3 autostad NL
Puma streetsoccer
Puzzle bobble II
Quake I mission pack I scourge of armagon
Quake I mission pack II dissolution of eternity
Quake II
Quake II add-on pack zaero
Quake II mission pack II dissolution pack II
Quake II mission pack II the reckoning
Quake II mission pack groundzero
Quake III arena
Quake v1.7
Quest for the glory V 2cd’s
Radio 538 music machine
Rages of mages II
Railroad tycoon 2
Rainbow six
Rainforest explorer discover wonder of nature
Rally championship
Rayman 2
Rayman gold
Rebel assault starwars
Redline gang warfare 2066
Redline racer
Redneck rampage
Relentless big adventure
Rent a hero 2cd’s
Requiem avenging angel
Respect inc
Return to krondor 2cd’s
Revolt out of race
Ring nederlands 6cd’s
Rise of the triad
Road rash
Roland garros champion tennis 99
Rollercoaster tycoon
Rollercoaster tycoon attractions
Roque squadron
Roswell pinball
Routeplanner 66 nederlands
Sam & max hit the road
Scooby doo & the mystery of the fun pack phantum
Search for the golden dolphin
Sega rally II 2cd’s
Sega rally II NEW eind 99 2cd’s
Septerra core legacy of the creator
Sesamstraat nl
Settlers III 2cd’s
Settlers III quest of the amazone
Shadow company
Shadows of the empire
Shanghai mah jongg essentials Activision
Shanghai secound dynasty
Shattered light
Shogo mobile armor division
Sid’s Meier’s alien crosfire
Silver II 2cd’s
Simcity 2000
Simcity 3000
Sin wages of sin
Sinistar unleased
Skipper & skeetoll pretpark
Slam tilt
Slave zero
Slot city 2 video poker
Sness 5cd’s vol met sness spellen
Snowmobile championship 2000
Sonic & Garfield
Southpark chef’s luw shack
Space invaders
Space quest collection I II III IV V
Spec ops 2
Spectrum encyclopedie Nederlands
Spectrum wereldatlas Nederlands
Speed buster american highways
Speed demons
Sportscar gt
Start up high tech industrie sim
Startrek hidden evil
Startrek starfleet command
Startrek the next generation klingon honor guard
Starwars dark forces II jedi knight
Starwars episode 1 racer
Starwars episode 1 the gungan frontier
Starwars episode 1 the phantom menace
Starwars pit droids
Starwars roque squadron
Starwars shadows of the empire
Starwars yeac the office yoda’s challenge
Stratego 98 nederlands
Stratengids Nederlands
Street pilot europe 2 cd’s
Streetwars constructor underworld
Super games collection
Super voice
Superbike world championship
Supreme snowboarding
Swat 2
Swat 3
Swedish touringcar championship
Syrgosys 2325
System shock 2
Tafeltrainer Nederlands
Tarzan disney
Ted nugent wildhunting adventure
Testdrive 4x4 race
Testdrive 5
Testdrive 6
Testdrive offroad
Testdrive offroad III
Tetris II collection
Tetrismania masters
The 11th hour 4cd’s
The 7quest 2cd’s
The animals san diego zoo version 1.0 & 2.0
The curse of monkey island 2cd’s
The f.a. premier leaque stars
The fifth element
The forgotten
The guinness encyclopedia
The house of dead
The next tetris
The real deal II
The unexplained
The world of sharks
Thief the dark project
Tiberian sun 2 cd’s
Timeshock pro pinball
Titanic 2cd’s
Toca 2
Toca touringcar championship
Tom clasy’s rainbow six roque spear
Tombraider I
Tombraider II
Tombraider III
Tombraider IV
Tonic trouble
Tonic trouble 3d
Top 100 kids us dreams
Total annihilation 2cd’s
Total soccer 2000
Trash it
Trophy bass 3d lakes
Tropical rainforest
Turok I
Turok II seeds of evil
Tzar the burden of the crown
Ultimate race pro 3dfx
Universal translator de luxe A169377y6M8M1
Unreal tourment
Unreal xp new mission pack
Urban chaos
Us navy fighters
Uw kleuren kopieer machine Nederlands
Vijver enceclopedy nl
Villains revenge kindergame nice 2cd’s
Virtual Pool
Virtual car eyewitness
Virtual deep sea fishing
Virtual pool hall
Virtual sex with Jana Jameson
Virtual tennis
Visual Cafe v4.0
Viva Football '99
Wallstreet trader 2000
War in heaven
Wargamer napoleon 1813
Warzone 2100 2cd’s
Wegwijs in windows 98 tlc domus Nederlands
Wegwijs office 97 domus Nederlands
Wheel of time 2cd’s
Wild wild west steels assasins
William shatner tekwar
Win on cd v3.0 cequadrat
Windows 2000 diagnostic
Windows 2000 prof. latest beta engl.
Windows 2000 server resource kit
Windows 95 cursus Davilex Nederlands
Windows 95 v.o.s.r.2. Nederlands
Windows 98 englisch secound edition
Windows 98 full version nederlands
Windows 98 in de praktijk computer totaal
Windows nt service pack 4
Windows nt stand alone v4.0 nederlands
Windows plus 98
Wings od desteny 2cd’s
Winni the pooh
Wolf hollow
Wondere wereld van de honingbij Nederlands
World atlas version 5 toolworks
World cup 98
World war 2 fighters 2 cd’s
Worms II
Worms III
X-Files 7cd’s
X-beyound the frontier
X-pro boarder
X-wing alliance 2cd’s
Ziff-davis winstone 97 winBench 97
Cd-foon gids '99 v4.04
TNT travelmanager v3.0
Steinberg wavelab v3.0
Adobe photo deluxe home edition v4.0
Sonic foundry cd architect v4.0
Stuart little city adventure
Le mans 24 hours
Millenium racer
Spelen met Bassie en Adriaan NL 2cd’s Nederlands
De woeste woordenbrij taal Davilex Nederlands
Spelen met tafels Nederlands
Eurotrainer Nederlands
Put put 3 autostad
Easy mp3
Easy cd creator deluxe Nederlands
Mia de spannende speurtocht naar mimi’s medicijn NL 2cd’s
Barbie sierraden designer
Barbie paardrijden
Babyz jouw virtual baby Nederlands
Freddi Fish 4 Nederlands
My little pony
Family gamepack royale
Mahhong madness
Fisher price petshop
Disney’s: de afrekening NL 2cd’s
Railroad tycoon 2 the secound centoury
De kat encyclopedie Nederlands
De olifant virtual book Nederlands
Route 66 europa
Europese stedentocht redcat serie
Redcat geschiedenis
Speelpaleis 2
Buccannier 3d piraten Nederlands
Fisher price pirateship
Imperium galactica
Power rangers (schitterend)
Nationale telefoongids editie 2000 incl.Plattegronden,route,goudengids heel nl

Frontpage 2000 Nederlands 2cd’s
Klaverjassen Nieuw Nederlands
Microsoft autoroute 2000 europa
Blokken 2 Nederlands
Lego loco
Tien voor taal 1+2 nederlands
Cd drukkerij kit 2 Nederlands
Roller coaster tycoon attraction add on
Windows 2000 engels full version
Windows 2000 engels oem version
Grand teft auto londen
Final fantasy VIII final release 5cd’s
Puzzelmatch puzzel encyclopedie v4.0
Klik en puzzel denksport nederlands
Puzzelen 30 puzzels en leg-puzzels
Freddi fish en loebas waterwerken NL
Freddi fish en loebas doolhof NL
The sims
Het speelpaleis nederlands
Campaign 1776
Stedenrace nederlands
South park rally
Bit freaks oldies collection
Mahjongg madness
Fisher price ranger trail
Avery cadoza video poker 2000
Steinberg cubasis v3.7
Tread marks
I spy spooky mansion
Stephen King’s F13
Ibiza comic poker
Burn it right
Football world manager
Fisher price pirate ship
Fisher price big action construction kit
Fisher price petshop
Swamp buggy racing
Gordi stoom uit je oren nederlands
Braintalk spel nederlands
Moving puzzle wild life
Breukentrainer nederlands
Babe een buitengewone big nederlands
Winnie poeh en de honing boom NL
Toeristische taalcursus engels davilex
Route 2000 benelux (route66)
Business box 2000 davilex NL
Davi-club 2000 davilex NL
Music maker v 2000
3d droomhuis designer 2000 2cd’s
Touristische taalcursus frans davilex
Bijbel Nederlands
Blinkey bill en de griezel grot
Bromfiets examen (op verzamelcd “Arie vol1”)
Davi account 2000 Nederlands
Davi adres 2000 Nederlands
Davi factuur 2000 Nederlands
Davilex musicmanager 2000 Nederlands
Davilex recept deluxe Nederlands
De dwaze tovenaar
De grote encyclopedie 2000 databecker nederlands 3cd’s
Engels 7-10 jaar Timmy’s toveralbum tlc domus
Klussen cd-rom
Lego techniek 2cd’s
Mathcad 2000 professional
Nijntje en de dieren
Nijntje en de school
Nijntje en haar fiets
Nijntje en haar Opa en Oma
Nijntje en het feest
Nijntje in de zomer en winter
Oor popenencyclopedie 3cd’s
Paarden multimedia nederlands
Pajama sam 2
Pajama sam in de helse jacht op de duistere nacht
Philips free speech 2000 Nederlands 2cd’s
Photodraw 2000 Nederlands 3cd’s
Pinball crystal caliburn
Pipo de clown en het grachtengeheim 3-8 jaar
Pippi langkous ontdekspel 4-10 jaar
postzegel encyclopedie 1999
Sesamstraat dreumes deluxe cijfers/letters 2cd’s
Sesamstraat grote getallen quiz
Sesamstraat lezen met grover
Sesamstraat spannende speurtocht
Swampberry sling:een knallend schietfestijn in de jungle Disney
T-shirt drukkerij
Techniek bouw de snelste racewagen domus 8-12 jaar
Theorie examen auto
Topografie de spannende stedentocht davilex 8-12 jaar
Twee voor twaalf
Veilig brommen en snorren
Vogels in Europa multimedia
Webfun 5000 afbeeldingen voor je website
Winnie de poeh en tiger too
Redcat de duistere dieren diefstal biologie
Muziek cd-brander 2
De smurfen de reeks met de striphelden
Super speurder en het tv mystery vanb Aalsmeer
Barbie verhalenmaker
Pokemon (alle kleuren compleet)
Type cursus Davilex
Blinkey bill 2 het form. ballon adventure
Blinkey bill 3 de goochelaar
Co Adriaanse voetball


Full games list :
A2 racer II
A Bug’s Life
AMA SuperBikes
Actua Soccer 2
Age of Empires 2
Airport inc.
Armored Fist 3
Army Men II
Blood II
Broken Sword 2
Blade Runner
Command & Conquer
Command & Conquer Red Alert
Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun
Carmageddon 2
Castrol Honda SuperBikes 2000
Caesar 3
Commandos BTCOD
Croc : Leggend of the Gobbos
Curse of Monkey Island 3
Death Trap Dungeon
Down in the Dumps
Dreams (2 CD’s)
Dune 2000
Dungeon Keeper
Elite Darts
Fifa 99
Fifa 2000
Fighting Force
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto 2
Heart of Darkness
I76 nitro
Jedi Knight - Dark Forces II
Jedi Knight - Mysteries of the Sith
Knights & Merchants
ManX TT SuperBikes
Men In Black
Micro Machines V3
Mortal Kombat 3
Mortal Kombat 4
Moto Racer
Moto Racer 2
NBA Inside Drive 2000
NBA 2000
NHL 2000
Need For Speed 2 SE
Need For Speed 3
Premier Manager 99
Prince of Persia 3D 2cd
PUMA Street Soccer
Quake 2
Quake 3 arena
Rainbow 6 : Rogue Spear
Redline Racer
Redneck Rampage
Redneck Rampage, Rides Again
Redneck Rampage, ROUTE 66
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2
Roland Garros Tennis 98
Roland Garros Tennis 99
Settlers 3
Setllers 3 Mission CD
Seven Kingdoms
Seven Kingdoms 2
Shogo Mobile Amor Division
Sim-City 3000
Sim Theme Park
Sin, Wages of Sin
Sonic R
Southpark Rally
Star Wars; Pod Racer
Star Wars; The Phantom Menace
StarCraft: Brood War
Street Fighter Zero 2
EA SuperBike
TOCA Touring Cars 2
Test Drive 4
Test Drive 5
Theme Park
Theme Hospital
Tibarian Sun 2 cd’s
Tomb Raider
Tomb Raider 2
Tomb Raider 2, Golden Mask
Tomb Raider 3
Tomb Raider Unf. Business
Tomb Raider 4
Total Annihilation
Total Soccer
Total Soccer 2000
Turok 2
Ultim@te Race Pro
UltraHLE + Rom’s
Unreal Tournament
Warlords III
World Cup 98
Worms 2
Worms Armageddon
Crusaders of Might and Magic
Earthworm Jim 3D
Formula One 99
Monopoly Casino
Championship Manager 3
Championship Manager 2000
Total Annihilation Kingdoms - The Darien Crusaders
Toy Story 2
RollerCoaster Tycoon
RollerCoaster Tycoon : Added Atractions Pack
Railroad Tycoon II
Airline Tycoon first class NL
The Sims
System Shock 2
Half-Life ; Opposing Force

Full application list :

3D Home Architect Deluxe
3D Magic 1.1
3D Mark Pro
3D RAD 2.3
3D Studio Max 2.5
3D Stddio VIZ R3
4DOS V6.00
ACDSee32 2.42
Ax-Cursors 4.5 + Ax-Icons 4.5
Adaptec Easy CD Creator 3.5 NL
Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0 NL
Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0 NL Deluxe
Adobe Collection 2000
Ads Off 1.85
Antiviral Toolkit Pro 3.0.131
Applet Button Factory 5.0
Art-Copy 5.0
Art-O-Matic 1.4
Astound Actors
AtGuard 3.2
Atomic Clock 4
Audio Catalyst 2.0 or higher
AudioActive MP3 Production Studio
AutoCAD 2000
AutoDesk AutoSketch 6
AutoEye 1.0
AutoPlay Menu Studio 2.04 Pro
Automate Pro 3.8
Automate Pro 4.01
Bcad 3.4
BPM Studio 1.5
Borland C++ Builder 3 Client/Server
Borland C++ Builder 4 Professional
Borland Delphi 2
Borland Delphi 3
Borland Delphi 4 Client/Server
Borland JBuilder Pro 3
Bryce 3D
Bryce 4.0
CD Copier Gamers Edition 2.0
CDFoonGids 98 + Foongrep
CD-Foongids december 99
CakeWalk Home Studio 9
CakeWalk Pro Audio 7+8
CakeWalk Audio FX1
CakeWalk Guitar Studio 6.0
CakeWalk Score Writer
Cartoon Television Program
CeQuadrat WinOnCd 3.6 NL
Cheater’s Lair 3.1
Claris HomePage 3.0
Claris Works Office 5.0
Clean Sweep 4
Conversion Plus 4.5
Cool Edit Pro 1.20
Corel Print & Photo House
CorelDraw 8.0 NL
CorelDraw 9.0 NL
Corel WordPerfect 8.0 NL
Corel WordPerfect 2000 NL
Cubase VST24 3.650 + ADD-ON
Davi-Music 99
DJ 2000 MP3 Manager
Delphi Megapack
Desktop Designer
Designer 6
Eudora Pro 4.2
Euro Calculator
Extensis Collection 1999
Fusion Vocode
GameSpy 2.08
GetRight 3.3.3
Illuminatus 4.0
Intel C/C++ Compiler 4.0
Kai’s Power Tools 5
Kai’s Power Tools Gel 1.0
Kai’s Power Tools Goo
Kai’s SuperGoo 1.5
KPN Telecompetitie 1998-1999
Linux SuSe 6.1
Live Picture Object Modeler
Live Picture PhotoVista
Live Picture Reality Studio
MGI VideoWave II
MP3 Cd Maker 1.19
MP3 Strip_It! Digital 5.2
MicroGrafx WindowsDraw 6.0
MS Encarta 2000 Encyclopedie NL 2 CD’s
MS Encarta 2000 Grote Wereldatlas NL 2 CD’s
Microsoft Home Publishing Suite 2000
Microsoft Publisher 2000 NL
Microsoft Windows NT Server
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation
Microsoft Windows 3.11 NL
Microsoft Windows 95 NL
Microsoft Windows 98 NL
Microsoft Windows 98 NL SE
Microsoft Windows 98 ENG
Microsoft Windows 2000 NL BETA
Microsoft Windows 2000 ENG Proffesional
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 NL full
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 NL full
Microsoft Office 97 NL
Microsoft Office 2000 EN (1cd)
Microsoft Office 2000 NL (1cd)
Microsoft Office 2000 NL (4cd)
Microsoft Plus! 98 ENG
Macromedia Collection 2000
MacOpener 4
Mathematica 4.0
McAfee Toolbox 2000
Merlin VR
Metacreations Painter 3D
Multimedia Builder 3.0
Multimedia Builder 4.0
NS Reisplanner 98
Netscape Communicator 4.5 ENG
Netscape Communicator 4.5 NL
PCAnywhere 9.0
Paint Shop Pro 5.0
Paint Shop Pro 6.0
Philips Freespeech 2000 NL
Poster 6
Printmaster Classic 7.0
Quark Express 4.04 NL
Quick Time 3.0.2 Pro
Ulead Collection 2000
Ulead IphotoPlus 4
Ultra Hal 7
WebZip 2.75
WinHacker 95 2.0
WinRAR v2.50 + Winzip 7
Xpose IT 1.02
Junior BosAtlas Nederland
Junior BosAtlas Europa
Junior BosAtlas Wereld
CdFoongids 1999 versie 4.04
McAffee Office 2000
Elsevier Financiele Planner 1999
AND Route 2000 Nederland
AND Route 2000 Europa
Davi-Tuin 3D
Photo Fantasy 2000
Cool Edit 2000 1.0

Music cd’s on request (We have got around 600 cd’s, so mail me)

[This message has been edited by djrolo (edited 17 March 2000).]

[This message has been edited by djrolo (edited 17 March 2000).]