Weet iemand of Liquid nu tijdelijk stil ligt?
Ik heb gelezen dat wegens wat probleempjes ze 3 dagen niet gereplied hebben, maar ze reageren nog steeds niet op mijn mailtjes.

Weet iemand iets meer.... want LIQUID-cd is toch de beste die er is!



PLease read rules!

Liquid is sometimes in the weekends offline they need their rest to forfill all the deals they got last week.

Yes they know as trustfull dealers and fast too.

but emailing bak has never been a strong point of them.

ill guess replicater will have something to say 2.


Oops sorry, This must be in English…! (foutje bedankt!)


Eh… Mercurius,

Jou know how to find me… and our smtp bounces (recepient adress not allowed) that hotmail account (as it does with various hotmail account… hehe well it’s microsoft). But replied you mail yesterday. So you ought to have it by now. Otherwise you still know how to find me!! need any more hints :wink:

Well to all the folks:
We don’t reply all emails within a day, but hey we deliver fast and are online for almost 2 years now. Very thrustworthy, ask anyone!! and indeed in the weekend we got other things to do like so many of us, so stop nagging us about that please!

Bye and cya on our homepage

The Replicator


Sorry about that Replicator…

I know that Liquid is doing there stinking best to reply all the customers…
And yes i know how to get to you in the future…

Well, I’ve got your mail today, and want to thank you once again for a perfect deal!
(“vooral zo doorgaan”:Barry Stevens)



Ill close it now since everything is fine between u 2.