Liquid = no good service?




I ordered 5 weeks ago 3 VCD’s from Liquid, but I still haven’t got 'em. After 2 weeks I send them a mail with the request when my cd’s should come. And they send a email back to me with the notice that they DID send 'em, but they didn’t knew where the cd’s where…‘just wait for a while’, they said…
So I did…I waited for 1.5 week and then I’ve send them mail again and after 2 days again and after 3 days again : with again a request where my cd’s are…NO REPLY !!
It’s now the 5th (!) week after I ordered the CD’s and still no service…

Is there anyone with the same problem ?
Please post it here…
If not, please post it here also…

ikbenvetcool@freemail (My Own EGO-MAIL)

PS: Sorry for my English, but it’s a rule over here …


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Eh… man,

We work with pre-pay… if the cd’s didn’t arrive if can be that you didn’t send any cash. Or the cd package just got lost. In that case we always resent them without any costs.

So if you are smart you immediately sent us the cash or just email us with your adress and order and we’ll resend the cd’s. Nothing to it.

And does anyone really think WE rip someone off, just let us know and we’ll stop all our bizz. Cos we don’t want this sh*t! We always deliver, we’re just humans and sometimes also make mistakes.

If so our appologies.
The Replicator


Liquid is the coolest dealer i know… i never had the kinda problems you discribed in your mail.
I think they rock! Always the newest titles, fast delivery, and reasonable pricing…

I just wanted to say to the repicator:
Keep up the good work…
And to EnzoO: Look at all the replies your posting got… Just try to contact them again…


Thanks !

OK, Now I must admit : Liquid-CD is the BEST ! Never, I’ve seen a dealer with this service. Today I’ve send them an email, and I hope they can help me to resend the cd’s.



Okay okay…

Replied your Email EnzoO, all is settled now hope you receive your cd’s within 1-2 days. We did our best

The Replicator

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