Liquid CD is Very reliable, very fast.
got ALWAYS my CD´s, without errors on them.


So am I, never have to mark something out with those guys. They do as they say, deliver, and “bloody fast”.


Can you also put their contact info on the board (web adres), so other people also can enjoy their services?





Hey… nice comments.

As usual we do our best =)

The Replicator


Yes it’s thrue. Liquid is great. When you have a question they always answer. I deliver from Belgium and I always have very fast my progs. This is the best dealer I ever had.



Why do dealers always say things they cannot provide… like speed and quality. We also can sell the games at $5 but then we cannot provide the quality and speed we have now!

Oh well… going to get me some frags on Quake3 …

CYa L8trz

The Replicator