Liquid-CD = THE BEST



I just wanted to say this, because I ordered my CD's monday and they arrived at wednesday.......Is that Fast or what..????




That’s fast yeah!
what is there homepage?


You could check the dealer section you know

but i’m not a bad person …m i ?


Well cd-tje is almost the same. He is fast, cheap and reailel. In hen nederlands: betrouwbaar. Sorry ik had geen zin op het op te zoeken. Oh he is also fast.


Tnx guys…

We do our best to beat the rest… Check our site with a HUGE update!! [24-03-2000]


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I have ordered from Liquid-CD. I copied everything fine. They ship really great. Unfortunately they don’t carry Twilight/CB but they do let you know about it. A+


I’ve sent an e-mail yesterday mornig to order a vcd, still no mail back. Is this normal with liquid-cd???


Eh… We to deserve our weekend peace!!

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Liquid is fast I know, but who ever ordered at FBI-CD? They are FAST! They are the FASTEST!!

Greetings FLY out to

Big Daddy


I’ve ordered some vcd’s at liquid’s tuesday, hopefully I will get them friday…


fazzt, fazzzzster…

Eh it’s all about the total package. Not just the speed or price. But all factors that make a dealer reliable etc…

We think we are, buy hey it you think otherwise we would really like to know

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And don’t forget this posting!



I totally agree =)


let the critics start over to post things about you:0

i close it for now…