Liquid Audio to let subscribers burn online music

I just posted the article Liquid Audio to let subscribers burn online music.

On Monday (today) Liquid Audio and an EMI division plan to launch a service that lets subscribers burn tunes to a CD or transfer them to portable devices C|Net’s News.Com

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So you burn a song to a CD, then rip it right back off the CD. Copy-protection defeated.

From another source, I read that the locks actually come off when the CD is burned. I think the key aspect of this story is the price point, $.50 per song, as opposed to the $1.50 sought by MusicNet and pressplay (incidentally, the latter price preserves the recording industry’s CD market model). At a fair price, the record companies’ problems will simply go away…but the most duplicitous thing I see from the recording industry is an intense desire to shift consumers into a rental model, rather than enable them to own the music they buy. Every company wants to be a cable monopoly.