Lipsync, Audio, and xbox... oh my



I started a thread about 5.1 audio for the xbox360. It turns out that several posters were correct and the best format seems to be xvid in an avi wrapper (generic>Avi>Xvid>Audiocopy).

The problem is every single movie has audio sync issues. Some as much as 3 seconds!! The sync gets worse as you go further into the movie.

Anyone have any ideas? These are practically unwatchable. NO, they ARE unwatchable!

If I remember, isn’t there a bit in the stream to resync audio/video? Is DVDFab changing that, or altering it? I really need to get this worked out!



I do not have an xbox but I am having the same symptoms on certain DVDs. It is very repeatable and if I use Nero Recode 3 or the free HandBrake application I get perfect video and audio in sync.

Unfortunately I am going to have to give up on DVDFab at this time. I end up wasting a lot of time encoding to mobile to find out the audio is out of sync.

On the outside chance you have something else going on with your computer you might want to try HandBrake just to make sure will work.

DVDFab is a great ripper and the files that it does encode properly look great. Hopefully the audio sync issues will be fixed eventually.