Lip sync problem

Thanks to everybody, I did whole lot of copies without any problem…
Right now I’m trying to copy one region-free, Japanese DVD…
The result is totally different sound and picture…
What should I do? Which option do I have to change?
Or it’s impossible to copy?

You’re going to have to give more info, what is it? DVD, AVI, SVCD, etc? What programs are you using, is it a different audio stream or merely out of sync audio? Make sure you give enough info for people to answer your question before you post.


I was so frustrated that I forgot to put more detail.
I’m making SVCD with DVD2SVCD…
It works great for almost all DVD… But this kind of problem happened for me is the second time.
I don’t know what to do… Please help me.

Originally posted by heat6275

The result is totally different sound and picture…

Waht do you mean here, please explain.

Did you rip the DVD to HD with DVD Decrypter or did you use DVD2SVCD internal ripping routines. What settings did you choose when ripping, how many adio tracks are there in the DVD and which one do you want to keep?

Originally posted by heat6275
The result is totally different sound and picture…

That means…sorry for my poor English…I’m not an American…
Anyway, When I watch the file(mpeg), the sound and the picture didn’t go along… Last my failure’s gap was very little… I think about 1 second’s of the sound delay… but this time the gap is huge… I can’t even know how much seconds delayed or fastened…

I used Smartripper…I ripped all sound tracks and subtitles…
And I choose the first track and set index 1…(actually I wanted to change it, but I couldn’t) in DVD2SVCD.


I’m waiting for your help…
Anybody who knows how to fix the lip sync problem?
Come on~

Originally posted by heat6275
…sorry for my poor English…I’m not an American…

That makes 2 of us then.

There is a utility program called AC3 Corrector ( download form ) that allows you to add an offset, either +'ve or -'ve. Then re-author, repease until you get it right. I might take a few goes to get it right. Look for doors slamming, gun shots, etc to help with tracjing down the lip sync offset needed.

3 of us now!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

C~M M8,
Just solved a sync issue with DVD Sync corrector, worked pefectly :wink:
Do you know why during the process of backing up a DVD 2 DVDR the lip sync goes right out?
What causes it?
I have done many other DVD±R backups before with your tutorial without any lip sync error.
It is a mystery to me why it has happened on one particular DVD title!
as this is the 1st time I have ever encountered this issue.

Keep up the good work,

This happens sometimes when the initial openning publishers screen has NO audio, not just audio of zero volume. But like you say, it only happens rarely and so when it does, just use the AC3 Delay Corrector to fix it.