Lip Sinc Problems

I’ve got a lot of home VCR tapes and I’ve been copying them to DVD using the DVD recorder that is part of the TV system.

Prior to saving the contents of the DVD, the folder is called SONATA_VOLUME. I save the DVD to the hard drive with the saved folder having two sub-folders. The first is VIDEO_RM and the second is VIDEO_TS.

I use Womble’s Mpeg Video Wizard for DVD to edit the DVD.

The problem I have is that for me to be able to view the dvd from start to finish I have to record using the DVD recorder without stopping. I would like to be able to stop the dvd at the end of a vcr tape and continue maybe the following day or whatever, but if I stop the recording I find that there is lip sinc problems with the footage that I record after stopping.

Why am I getting this lip sinc problem and what do I need to do to avoid it? I’m sure there has to be something that I can do so that I’m able to use the dvd recorder to record my vcr tapes and stop at the end of a tape and start recording at the start of another tape and the editing software being able to view the entire project.

I’ve had the same problems using other editing software.