Lionsgate studio abusing Youtube takedowns and ignoring fair use

I just posted the article Lionsgate studio abusing Youtube takedowns and ignoring fair use.


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Amazing how quickly and accurately content can be spotted. Within an hour of posting it I got a notice over the ‘Hunger Games’ footage in this video clip:

One of the things that really pisses me off about this whole process of review by Youtube is that now that he has a “strike” in his record, Youtube will not allow this man to post videos longer than 15 minutes. Even though he has a legitimate argument for fair use in his remix, and despite the fact that no legal judgement has been made against him, Youtube penalizes him for fighting back and not allowing Lionsgate to profit from his work.

Google really needs to review their “don’t be evil” company motto in regards to their actions at Youtube.

You are wrong Kerry, McIntosh has more than just a legitimate argument, he has stated fact on his side. The copyright office has already deemed his work as fair use, thus there is no longer an argument to be had. The authority on copyright has cleared this man’s work, no court of law would side with Lion’sgate on this issue.

As a follow up, McIntosh’s video has been restored by Youtube without waiting for the full two weeks. The strike against his account has apparently been removed also. But he is furious that Lionsgate will face no penalties for their actions, and abuse of the video removal system at Youtube can happen again to anyone.

And most won’t be able to make the front page of a major news site, which seems to be the only way to change the outcome.

It’s a pity indeed that it takes all this publicity for YouTube to recognise it has done wrong.