Linux virtual machine

I’m going to university to study computer science in September/October time and it’s reccomeneded that the laptop needs to be able to either dual boot windows and Linux or run a virtual Linux machine. Any ideas on what sort of specs I should be looking at because I’ve not kept up with computer hardware for 18 months or so and alot seems to have happened? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Dual booting can be problematic. A Linux virtual machine running on Windows may be your answer.
That way you can run Windows as the main system, and run Linux in a Virtual Machine using something like VMWare or Virtual Box.

Specs wise. Linux will be quite happy in 8GB of RAM and using a couple of CPU cores.
Min specs for a useful system.
At least a 4 core CPU (recommended a 6 or 8 core).
At least 16GB of RAM
A good sized SSD. 500GB or higher I would suggest.

On a recent Windows machine, an alternative to VMWare or VirtualBox could also be Hyper-V and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) as both are part of the OS and just have to be activated.

The hardware specs depend a lot of what you need to do on Linux. If it’s just console and some basic scripting, WSL or a VM with small size (1 GB RAM or even a bit less, 8 GB disc) would be sufficient. For a full Linux desktop, the requirements would go much beyond this.