Linux users hack TiVo to provide future enhancements now

I just posted the article Linux users hack TiVo to provide future enhancements now.

   TiVo we've all heard of it. You can record, pause and fast-forward your  TV programming. If the phone rings, no problem, just hit the pause button even  grab a snack, when you come back...
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Yes and no.

Its unfortunate that TiVo requires tricks and hacks to get programs to DVD and whatnot. With ReplayTV, you simply run DVArchive on your PC, and download shows from your ReplayTV. No hacking, no tinkering. Easier for the everyday man. Its a no-brainer if you find a Replay that still has commercial advance.

I’ve replaced the hard drive in 2 units, taking them from being 30 hour models to 120 hour models and I no longer have to worry about space being available for the shows I’m recording and I can let the Tivo go crazy recording shows it thinks I’ll want to watch in the future. It’s great!