Linux Tools

Hey guys,

i am booting the demon (windows) and moving to linux, anyone know of some good tools or ulittlitys, i am running redhat9! i would love to be able to back up dvd9’s, so i need some encoding stuff!!


Hi steveo, good to hear you have seen the light and are coming over to Linux, after you used it for a wile I don’t think you will ever want to go back to Windows. you won’t have to worry about all the problems and crashes associated with Windows . Well first off you will need a good Media player to play your DVD’s a good one is “MPlayer” it has lot’s of cool skins as well, another good one is called “Ogle” as for burning your DVD’s 'Cdrecord-ProDVD and K3b are two of the best ones around, for ripping you can use “DVD:Rip” or " lxdvdrip " from here if you want to play encrypted DVD’s you can use “libdvdcss” and for decoding a good one is “libmad” it works well with K3b. If you are new to Linux some of the programs are available in RPM’s so it’s best to try and use them when possible. I hope this will help you get started , there 100’s of good programs available on most Linux sites.

thanks thanks thanks, yeah i cant believe the loading time of linux; so dam quick!!, i gotta get my moderm runnung now, thats my next challange!

keep ya posted

Since you are new to Linux you might want to take a look at Mandrake. To me it is the best of the bunch. Hundreds of applications packaged as RPMs that are built specifically to work well with the distribution. Many club volunteers build new RPMs all the time. They are easy to install and always seem to work as they are tested before the final release. One of the newest ones is DVD::Rip. Most of the players are there also.

It is a good distribution for newbies and old timers alike. There are many old timers ready and willing to help on the forum.

If you do go to Mandrake add plf to your sources as this is where new programs are that are not able to be in the main distribution due to legal reasons. You get my gist.

Any way you go - good luck and have fun.