Linux Router / Firewall


Because I don’t want to use my desktop firewall anymore, I am thinking of installing a linux based firewall / router on a 2nd PC. I know of some projects like fli4l, Devil-Linux or freesco. Do you have any experience with these projects or can you recommend something else? I also have Suse 9.1 available and could do it on my own? Any resources which are good / useful?


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If you want to run additional services I’d recommend FreeBSD 5.3.

Doesn’t look like Smoothwall have a traffic shaper (according to the screenshots) which is a major drawback compared to m0n0wall and the “distribution” is ridiculously large too. It also requires a dedicated hard drive while it’s optional using m0n0wall.

i can recomment another great firewall ideco gateway a great bargain really i been recently testing it and i can say oh boy performance and reliability are second to none