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Does anyone know of any Linux CD Writing programs?


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Subject: [6-1-20] Jörg Schilling - cdrecord
Platforms supported: UNIX (several), Windows (95, NT), Mac, OS/2, BeOS, VMS

A collection of freeware software and drivers for burning CDs under an impressive variety of operating systems. Source code is available. See the web site for an up-to-date list of features and supported systems.

Works best in conjunction with mkisofs (which should be available from the same site). X-CD-Roast may also come in handy; see section (6-1-40).

Supports DVD-R as well.


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Subject: [6-1-3] Gear Multimedia - GEAR
Platforms supported: DOS, Windows (3.1, 95, NT), OS/2, UNIX, Mac

This was sold by Elektroson until early 1999.

This is bundled with some drives. Does not support Joliet (important for long Win95 filenames).

Versions older than 4.0 should be upgraded. A number of bugs have been fixed (e.g. one user found that v3.3 left clicks on audio CDs, another was unable to use it with Adaptec EZ-SCSI v4.0d or later).


as far as my understandig of the unix system goes; i thought it was quite similar to linux