Linux Or Windows Avi Conversion, Which to use?

I’ve got some Avi’s that i want to convert to vcd’s. What is the best platform to acomplish this on?

Linux or windows

And can anyone suggest the program(s) to use for the specified platform?

Basically i have a free celeron 900 system that i would like to use to convert AVI’s to svcd’s. I have done this before using a windows machine and found that it takes ALONG time therefore i could do with a few suggestions.

Thanks in advance

You can use ffmpeg to convert and use (GNU) VCDImager to create VCD/SVCDs.
I’ve never done it myself but according to the documentation it’s possible.

Dont know whats availble in Linux but there are MANY options avaible in Windows. TMPGenc is free for MPEG1 (vcd) conversions but is for Windows only.