Linux Mandrake 10 problem



I installed Linux Mandrake 10 on my PC ( i used to have v7.1) and i’m having some problems … whenever i try to mount the cdrom or the floppy it says mount permission denied , even if i’m logged in as root !!

I get the same warning message even if i try to mount a device from the console.


It wasn’t a LG cdrom player was it ? :smiley:


Is there any automounter running on your system?


I don’t have an LG cdrom … i have a Toshiba 1712 and a Yamaha 2100e the problem exists with both devices.

Linux Mandrake 10 has automount (i think it calls it supermount) selected as default , but even if i uncheck it the problem remains the same :confused:


i dont know which mandrake 10 you have. apparently rc1 had magicdev instead of supermount.

you can search bugs and report others here


I have Mandrake 10 Cooker with kernel 2.6.0 , it’s still a beta version and that’s why it has a few bugs.

Is it possible that updating the kernel will solve the problem ?


OK i managed to solve the mounting problem … Mandrake wanted a reboot after disabling-unchecking supermount.


did you have to totally reboot? or just restart X?