Linux is the future!?

I just posted the article Linux is the future!?.

According to former Microsoft employees Linux is the future. Although they’re mainly speaking about the server parts of Win2k and Linux they think Linux’s got quite some steps ahead of Windows (no…

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ofcoz linux is the future :wink:

yes definately is linux the future…Im sure hope so.. and linux may contain some bugs but thats nothing compared to windows…

Well, Linux might be the future! It sure is cool that it’s free :slight_smile: But I still think that the userinterface is better in windows - but hopefully not for long! Also more games/programs are available under windows… ‘Where do you want to go tomorrow’ :+

I would use it more often but without support for any games other than a select few, I refuse to switch.

I´m running Linux Slackware 7.1 with the 2.4.3 Kernel on my D drive. Works perfectly, but the HDD could be bigger… (Only 1.6GB) Maybe someday it may get some space on my 30.7GB FAT32 drive… maybe tomorrow…

Euh I dunno If you read lately about the latest Wine (Windows emulator for Linux) developments… they are about to support DirectX 7… that means that loads of Windows games can by played in Linux… nice huh?

IBM giving away OS software…dream on. When I can go to major vendors web sites like nVidia, Plextor, Intel and find Linux drivers and software, then I will begin to believe that Linux might be the future.

Nividia is providing Linux drivers, Plextor doesn’t need any… BTW Linux is opensource so it has to be free! No matter if it’s IBM or another company…

Linux is open source, but if vendors have their way then they will produce their own versions of linux with vendor products and technology - this will mean it will not be free for all :frowning: We’re in a business world here. Everything revolves around business - except the hobbyists :). Linux is okay, but it should stay for free and needs a decent useable interface.

Is borland linux beter or worse than other linux???

Is borland linux beter or worse than other linux???

Is borland linux beter or worse than other linux???

M$ is working on it’s own linux based OS MSLINUX … :stuck_out_tongue:

When companies invest in linux they will want a return of investment, this will result into diffrent linux variants such as ibm-linux. U might even have to pay for it. But the main thing is that we are changing from windows platform to linux platforms. So we are heading into the right direction.