Linux help

hey guys i have some thing you might help with I nuked windows {ridded ver so i cant reinstall} so i had to go on to linux { mandrake } and i am losted as are mofo do you guys know some place i can go to where i can get the commands for everthing i know you can get windows game’s to work on linux but just dont know the cmd { commands } any help will be good

Yes the Best place to go if you are using Mandrake is Here also for some stuff

Here and

Here and

Happy Mandraking :slight_smile:

ok i am just going to look at them now ty man it sux that i am so much are noob to linux but hey well got to start some were and ty for help

Congratulations on your distro choice :wink:

Own experience has proven to me that lots of Linux related problems can get an answer by searching on Maybe this can help you too. And you are right, we all started as noobs. Linux isn’t more difficult than Windows imho. It’s different. So you need a period of adaptation. But I’m sure that after that learning fase you’ll really learn to appreciate (Mandrake)Linux.

Have fun :wink: