[Linux] Found program for transcoding DVD-9 to DVD-5 (with GUI)


On this forum (and others) I sometimes saw threads from users looking for a replacement transcoding application for Linux (instead of DVD Shrink or CloneDVD or …). I know there are people who use DVD Shrink through emulation, but this isn’t really a solution, right? :wink: A few days ago I accidently bumped into LDVD. It is a small GUI that uses ‘transcode’ for transcoding (duh!). Though it has not so many functions (yet) and is still in constant development, I would ask those who use Linux, to test this program. First of all, I’m not affiliated with the author, I just help with testing and writing the Dutch translation. I hope many will follow my example, so we can turn this into one killer app :wink: If someone else knows of other GUI Linux transcoding programs, please let me know. But till now, LDVD is the only one I know of.