Linux DVD authoring support

Hi there,

I would buy Nero for Linux right away, if it has DVD authoring support, just like it has for Windows!

The following honest statement: “NeroLINUX does not make DVD authoring: you have to have the DVD structure (VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS) before.” kinda broke my enthousiasm.

I see a huge opportunity for the Nero team to make this happen, because they would be the first ones to offer such functionality for Linux users (in decent GUI manner).

If you own Nero 6.0 for Windows, can you get a discount when buying Nero for Linux? I just purchased a Sony 16X Dual Layer and was kinda sad to find that Nero for Linux was not in the box. Why? I would pay the full price right away, if the dvd mastering option (to build VUDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS from any size mpg(s), with menu visual editing and everything, just like the Windows Nero counterpart)

If you do not provide this functionality, how do you really make a difference (compared to k3b, etc)? I see this as an outstanding opportunity for Nero!

If you have this functionality in Beta, I would purchase the Beta right away for the full retail price.


If your Nero 6 is not the OEM Version you can use NeroLinux with same serial number (and you may).

[sorry wrong reading]