Linux drivers for NEC 3550A

Hi all,

I am new to this forum. I have been using my desktop with Windows XP and NEC 3550A for some time now.

I am trying to install Linux (Fedora) and it is not able to detect NEC.
In the list of drivers, it does not have NEC listed, so I can’t install it.

I tried to search a lot, but could not find a place from where I could download its drivers for linux.

Does anyone have any info on that?

Linux should not need any additional drivers for the 3550

The installation software is asking me :
"What type of media contains the packages to be installed ? "
-Local CDROM
-hard Drive
-NFS image

I am selecting Local CDROM [my NEC 3550A]. It immediately prompts on a new window
"No driver found:
Unable to find any devices for the type needed for this installation type. Would you like to manually select your driver or use a driver disk?"
It then has 3 buttons
a. Select driver: which has a list of cdroms
b. Use a driver disk
c Back

any clue?

This means that the installation software doesn’t know which drivers to use for the IDE controller on your board. It has nothing to do with the drive itself.