Linux-Doesn't decrypt


I’ve seen that there are some folks who’ve gotten DVD Fab Decrypter or DVD Fab Platinum to successfully decrypt a CSS protected DVD on Linux using Wine. I have been attempting this with both the beta trial and the beta Decryptor versions but although it announces a success the files are only partially decrypted.

The settings are at their defaults to use css and all the other copy protection removals. The program itself has no problems installing, uninstalling, or running in Wine.

I have the DVD mounted and DVDFab successfully finds and loads it when started. I just leave it at full disk and set it to a folder in my home directory to place its finished product into. It then proceeds to do its job and announce its success.

Whether I open the files in DVDShrink or try to play them in Kaffeine, they are mostly green or otherwise pixelated and so they don’t play correctly and I obviously can’t shrink and burn them.

The same DVD will decrypt fine using DVDDecrypter in Wine. Shrink works shrinking it down to DVD5 and I can then burn a nice VideoDVD with k3b.

I tried changing the I/O mode from auto to IOCTL but it makes no difference.

I haven’t placed any native dll files into my wine drive as so far no programs have needed that. I’m using 0.40 Wine as 0.41 hasn’t been placed on the Wine server for Debian yet.

The program seems to work, but just doesn’t cut through the css encryption as DVD Decrypter does.

Others don’t seem to have a problem with this, so I’m wondering what needs to be done to get it to do its decrypting job. It transfers the files fine but they can’t be used as they are encrypted.

What does DVD Decrypter do that the DVD Fab programs don’t when run on Wine in Linux?

I have libdvdcss2 running on the system and can play or decrypt using k9copy, DVD Decrypter, and play with Kaffeine or Totem any encrypted DVD’s.

I am interested in DVD Fab since the newer protections will not be able to be decrypted on Linux without something like your program. But at this point I can’t even get it to decrypt the normal css stuff.

I would recommend to stick to DVD Decryptor and Shrink combined with PgcEdit 8.4 and your own version of the PSL2plugin.

Isn’t pgcedit used for customizing an already decrypted DVD stored on the hard drive? I’m not quite up to speed on how that program could be used to rip new copy protections out of the DVD as its being copied to the hard drive.

If it can help do that, please explain what I’d need to do.

And PSL2? Isn’t that related to PlayStation games? I don’t have any interest in that, unless of course it somehow helps to rip DVD’s.

I’m just looking to replace the DVD Decrypter ripping process so I can rip the new protections out, and then load the DVD into DVDShrink to shrink the full DVD from DVD9 to DVD5. Then I can use k3b to burn a DVD Video project and burn it to a dvd+r disk. The extra options to choose just selected parts, extras, languages, the movie only, or the full DVD are nice but I do usually copy the full DVD and shrink it, and I’d at least like to see that working.

I’m a CloneCD and AnyDVD customer, and have used DVDDecrypter with AnyDVD running in the background while in Windows for this purpose, then instead of DVDShrink I use NeroRecode to shrink, and then Nero Burning Rom to make a DVD Video Project. I’m a Nero 7 customer as well.

So you see there’s no problem for me using Windows, but I want to be able to do as much as possible within Linux, potentially removing Windows altogether.

I was going to actually purchase DVD Fab Platinum as a show of support and to get the full featured program if I could get a DVD to rip and have the protections removed, but since every DVD I tried wound up with a “successful” process by DVD Fab Platinum Trial and DVD Fab Decrypter, but most of the DVD was green or pixals all messed up I have posted here.

Has anyone actually gotten DVD Fab (any of the latest versions of it) to rip a commercial copy protected DVD successfully on Linux using Wine? Or are all those reports just showing that it installed and ran correctly. I have that much done too, but the program is useless without decryption.

I get no error messages, all the css stuff is checked in the settings and I guess it should be working but it isn’t.

If that patin-couffin thing works in a similar fashion as the Elby driver in AnyDVD then this will never work in Linux using Wine, as far as I can see. But if that is just a software process then that is different. Then it would just be some particular setting that would need to be made or dll to be used that would make the thing work properly in the pseudo Windows environment.

Can anyone advise on this? Even the official Ladies and Gentlemen! Heck, if you can get a working version out that runs properly in the Wine environment I’ll sure buy it!

I could care less about politics, closed source, proprietary, open source, I don’t care! I’d just like this real nice program to work. No problem purchasing it at all.

Of course I’m not buying until it somehow gets working.

dahveed3, plls do some search in forums like doom9, afterdawn and videohelp. Don’t want to be rude but this is not the forum for pgcedit.

The PSL2 plugin has nothing to do with playstations. But if you learn how to write a PSL file for DVD Decryptor you probably won’t need any other decryptor. Somehow, this is how RIforM worked.

Apologies for not being of more help.

Okay. :slight_smile: But then you recommended it here. I have looked at it but don’t quite understand how it would help.

Oh yeah! I remember that folks used to somehow place a new script into DVD Decrypter to adjust it for different new movies and slight copy protection changes. So that PSL2 plugin is the sort of thing needed for that, eh?

My own version of it sounds a bit complex. I suppose that’s the sort of thing that the maker of k9copy likely uses to account for newer protections as well.

I’ll go over to Doom9. A lot of things there were beyond me even way back when I was just converting DVD to VCD. Hmm, gotta remember my sign in and password for that place. :slight_smile: But perhaps they, or videohelp, have some posts about this type of thing. I’m not opposed to learning, but what to put into the file myself with the new copy protections appears a complex process.

Heh, can’t I just buy something that’ll do that for me? I already do for Windows (AnyDVD), but like I said, there isn’t a good one for Linux yet unless the k9copy fellow gets the newer protections decyptable in his program.

Or DVD Fab! Not necessarily a Linux native version, although that would be nice, but some possibility of using it in Wine figured out so it can do real decryption.

Thanks for your input! I will do some research on figuring out if I’m capable of doing that DVD Decrypter PSL file myself.

You are on the right track.

Some users requested the DVD Fab working in Wine feature to no success so far. It’s not easy I guess because this might require kernell accesss and the API implemented in Wine is just that, an API.
Perhaps Windows 2K running in VirtualBox for Linux. I would try that.

Yes, it may be similar to the AnyDVD situation as the patin-couflin driver here must be able to do its thing as a substitute to the regular system drive access. Maybe Wine is making it appear to the program that things are okay, hence no errors reported, but in the real operating system Kernel there is no patin-couflin and so no CSS decryption.

On my browsing Doom9 front, the consensus there appears to be that RipIt4Me could still do most DVD’s, and those it can’t could be run through VOBBlanker following the ripping process to fix up things.

I played around with that, following the guides around to install RipIt4Me in Wine. Unfortunately the newer Wine version, 0.40 being the latest for Debian and for some reason 0.41 for everyone else (I’m jealous), seems to have broken the use of the native mfc42.dll. Any call to it, whether set as an override or not, makes RipIt4Me crash with “unimplemented process to mfc42.dll.” So the program runs but any attempt to open either the wizard mode or 1 click mode results in the mfc42.dll error. And here, I had searched around for the remaining needed dll’s not in the WineDLLs or properdlls zips I had downloaded previously. I know it needed at least mfc42 and one other because my first attempt to use the program gave me an error that it needed them. So I put all the ones on some guides list in the proper places and the program then ran until those mfc42.dll errors.

So it’s still just DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, or K9Copy in Linux for now.

Interestingly, DVDShrink’s GUI has always crashed a lot in a similar way to how RipIt4Me crashed on this version of Wine. However all the info done is saved and it only crashed on the main window when nothing was going on. Once a procedure finishes it returns to the main window and crashes. I restart it, load the files again, and can continue with the next step in the process. When that’s done and Shrink goes back to the main window it crashes again, etc, etc. DVD Decrypter never crashes. That thing is strong like an ox! And neither Shrink nor DD needed any dll overides. Just setting DD to NT4 and Shrink to XP make them work fine (except for the in between Shrink crashing).

Perhaps Wine is going through some major changes these days and so some things get regressed and broken. Not like that hasn’t happened before!

What is encouraging about DVDFab folks is that they haven’t said, “Never.” They have only stated that it hasn’t been tested or looked at yet (Linux or Wine support). Slysoft has come right out and given a flat, “No,” for AnyDVD on Linux. I like,“We don’t know yet,” a lot better!

Could never happen because of needing perhaps a specific Kernel module included. Who knows?

At least for the moment most DVDs can be decrypted by what’s available. We just need to keep Windows handy for the few others I guess. Perhaps k9copy will continue to improve as well. That’s certainly the best choice as it’s native Linux.

Check this thread
particularly post #28. It seems that DVDFab HDDecrypter is picky under wine depending on the physical drive used to rip. I haven’t picked up another dvd drive to test yet.
BTW, I have DVD Decrypter, Ripit4me, and Shrink working fine with the following settings on Wine 0.9.40:

DVDShrink 3.2:

Thanks. I had breezed through that thread before in my crazed search for others experiences doing this type of thing.

Interestingly, my first cd drive is an older model Lite-On Combo. That’s the one I normally use for reading, ripping, and burning cd’s. Then my 2nd drive is an HP branded Lite-On dvdrw of more recent vintage that I normally use just to burn DVD’s onto DVD+r’s.

Since cleaning out Wine by doing an aptitude purge and searching for and deleting the Wine and shortcut related stuff in the hidden files of my home folder and the ./configure and ./kde/local and shared folders, I’ve been holding off on reinstalling it since the budget dedicated Wine repo still offers Wine 0.9.41 just for the Ubuntu users. The Debian version there is still the same Wine 0.9.40. I have no idea why there’s a holdup on the Debian update there, but it’s annoying me. I downloaded the sources for 0.9.41 from Wine but hesitate to install things from source as they’re a bit harder to clean up from later. And it’s confusing whether to do the cd into the parent and so ./tools/wineinstall or to do ./configure. Or just to wait a while longer and hope the version on the repo gets the Debian version updated to 0.9.41.

Perhaps that since that repo caters to Debian Etch users there is a problem with dependencies with 0.9.41. But I use Lenny, which likely has the stuff needed to install with no problem. Since Etch never gets new versions of stuff except for security and bug fixes, if that’s the reason then Etch might never see a new package of Wine unless they dumb it down to deal with the older dependencies.

I’d like to try installing DVDFabHDDecrypter or DVDFabPlatinum to see if ripping from the other DVD drive would help. It might just have the same problem since even though it’s HP, it is based on Lite-On and not Sony (although both are based upon the original Sony drives, they have the Lite-On customizations.)

So I’m in Limbo, I guess. I had to clean out Wine because I messed up the KDE Menu shortcuts while removing stuff from Wine program uninstalls. I somehow wrecked the ability to get the KDE Menu to show any Wine programs, even the Wine section when I deleted the scripts that had the Wine section within them. Wine was showing up in the KDE Menu Editor but not the Menu itself. I figured a full purge and reinstall of Wine might fix it, but then encountered this not being able to get the new version problem.

Heh, I was considering a format and reinstall of Debian but then reminded myself that nothing else but that Wine menu shortcuts showing up was broken and that a big reason for using Linux was to do away with needing to reinstall the whole operating system every time something broke, ala Windows.

I’ll just wait for a bit and see if the new version shows up.