Linux Distros

I was woundering what the fastest & lowest resource consuming linux distro is? - Somthing that would just run the odd game server, and an FTP server.

Ofcourse any Linux distr0 can be used for this (if loaded with the good packages) but I’d usually recommend RedHat for such purposes. Slackware and Debian might be very good as well.

One I don’t have any experience with, but is said to very good is Sol Linux!

Compared to other Linux-distributions, which are concentrated on the desktop-sector, we developed a server optimized operating system. With XML-based configuration files and tools, it is a fast booting and easy-to-configure operating system. A wide variety of Open Source server packages is installed in separate directories, making version updates much easier than before. SoL is fully independent from other Linux distributions - to give you a better, faster and more professional server experience.

You can get it from

Thanks, I will have a look at it, the box is running redhat 8.0 atm, (which seems no faster than running win2k) and it basically dosent work with Natural Selection (a half-life mod) which i want to run on it :(.

slackware 8.1! it runs on 16 megs of ram(64 for x windows)

be sure if you want a linux system to run faster use a reiser file system.that goes for all linux distros!!:wink: :smiley: