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Is this the only Linux software forum on cdfreaks? I’ve looked through the different forums and this is the only Linux related forum I could find.

Is it possible to create a new forum for all major Linux CD / DVD burning software, closed source like Nero or open source like k3b, Nautilus, etc?

That would be really helpful, because many Linux users don’t user Nero. Instead, they use other programs to burn CDs / DVDs (open source programs).

/ Please don’t leave us open sourcies out in the cold!

// Mods: I did not know where / how to submit this request, so that is why I simply posted it in the “linu nero” forum.


I would suspect that, with the many forums already out there for “linux”…like and such…that software issues…pertaining to K3B and other burners are adequately covered…you seem to say that there aren’t any forums out there…I think there are plenty…I can’t keep up with them. I use SUSE and there are two dedicated forums for that distro alone. Just put “linux forums” in your google or whatever…and look around. Then search for “k3b” and you’ll find hundreds of hits…


that would be a good idea :bow:

of all the sections on here it would be cool to have 1 spot for linux burning :iagree:


any thoughts of adding a section for just linux software?


The truth is, there aren’t that many linux burning. AFAIK, there’s just:

[li]mkiso, which takes your data and creates whatever ISO’s such as iso9660, udf, hfs, your favorite filysystem. It can output the iso to STDOUT, resulting in “on the fly” burning.[/li][li]cdrecord, which burns your iso using your scsi, sata, or ide burner. There were two or three forks while the author spent about 4 years adding DVD burning support, but most opensource distros have switched to the original again.[/li][li]Countless GUI’s (k3d, nautilus burner, gnome toaster, dvdrip, you name it) which use mkiso and cdrecord[/li][li]bchunk and vcdimager for BIN/CUE and VCD’s. BTW: bin2iso doesn’t work[/li][/ul]There really isn’t that much to talk about when it comes to linux burning. Just get the kernel to detect the burner and get the commands right. There aren’t tools that allow advanced techniques like those in Alcohol or CloneCD.


Maybe the Nerolinux forum should just be crosslinked with a Linux Burning forum :wink:


Good idea, one central forum for Linux burning issues instead of a dozen or more distribution-based forums… that’s what could make a CD Freaks Linux forum work, no doubt about it!


We would be willing to give a try, however in order to make it work, we need people with a good deal of expertise on Linux burning, preferably creating FAQ’s and guides, anyone up for this? We do recruit moderators very carefully, mainly on their communicative skills and expertise, so it would be fair to mention that creating this doesn’t guarantee a moderator position, but it’s a pre!


Perhaps a forum would support more Linux DVD burning development, I use K9Copy and
"Shrink" in Wine. With the nightmare that I feel Vista will become to DVD burning, interest can grow in apps ported to Linux. We now have flash 9 and a renewed interest in alternatives to all things Windows. I think that Linux is going to take off in a big way. The need is there and the interest. :slight_smile:




You do know there are linux versions of those don’t you?


Yep. The K9copy is in PCLinuxOS repos. I used DVD Shrink in Wine I don’t like xDVDShrink
at its present state of development.


I would be willing to help; not in this to be a mod, I’m not here nearly enough for such duties. But really K3B is pretty easy to use, as is nerolinux. Not really sure what else there is to cover. thanks to pinto and genci I think I’ve worked out how to use the more advanced features of certain drives, but that’s more of a wine tutorial than a burning tutorial.


I’m sure you’ve already got a Linux burning guide in ya :wink:

“Burning with Wine” Subforum? :wink:
I don’t think I’m brave enough to risk DL disk burning on anything running on an emulator :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to be negative but Wine actually counts as really using Linux? (I mean it’s still Windows and I consider it not being pure Linux).


Lol, it only emulates windows functionality to fool programs into believing they are running windows.


That’s not entirely true. Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) places a windows directory on the system and puts the required windows API’s in there, so it is basicly windows inside linux. That’s why a lot of things don’t run properly :wink:


What a good idea! I would suggest that it should be called the *NIX software forum because most if not all of the popular Linux CD/DVD programs are also used on the BSDs, Solaris and other UNIX lookalikes.



score! I think wine can use Liteon’s DVDScan tool to check for PIE/PIF measurements. Jitter is buggered though; not sure if it’s because it doesn’t support the 1693s or because linux doesn’t like it; beta seems to work however. still it does seem to stall quite often. oh well.

dvdinfopro seems to work as well.

nero cd-dvd speed doesn’t. tons of aspi errors (implementation hasn’t been completed yet I don’t believe)