Linux anyone

im interested how many linux user we have on this forum?:bigsmile:

tell us about it!:smiley:

on occasion. mandrake / redhat. not much to tell.

I use RedHat, Debian, Mandrake, EvilEntity and other software based on various distributions (FreeSco, EasyGate, Mandrake MNF, eSmith etc).

Mandrake 9.0 at the moment , since Evil Entity locks up both the keyboard and mouse on my “new” Asus CUBX motherboard when i start X :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

slackware 8.1,evil entity,mandrake 9plf edition,
redhat,and others

MRB have you tried using the old evil e release 0.24f (really slack under the hood) that might work!:bigsmile:

nah , currently busy with mandrake 9.1 :slight_smile:


MrB without his Evil E

who would have thought:eek:

:bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

yep , tried to reinstall it 5 times and got bored , gonna play with apache now

i use mandrake 9.0, red hat and i have to thank Mr B for putting me onto Evil Entity its so cool.

From time to time Mandrake 9.1 and Debian 3.0


im talking to the guys with evil entity

anyone that doesnt know how to get another cdrom working in the gkrell can pm me!

ill show you how to get it running!:bigsmile: :smiley:

Mandrake 9.1, maybe EvilEntity soon.

:bigsmile: knoppix

Originally posted by SirDavidGuy
Mandrake 9.1, maybe EvilEntity soon.

why not get mandrake to look like evil entity!:bigsmile:

@ damiandimitri i guess you know about the hard drive installation.if not goto terminal type "knx-hdinstall"i think!?

ok…thank you for the tip

i use knoppix becuase it can run from cd-rom…but i try your suggestion


at terminal its

sudo /usr/local/bin/knx-hdinstall

read more about it here


thank you