Linux and benq features

any way in linux to enable/disable features such as solidburn, overspeed and wopc?

Have you tried to run the BenQ Qsuite software through Wine? QSuite is the software that BenQ developed to change these settings.

Sorry if it’s a dumb suggestion, but I have a very limited experience with linux :o

no. doesn’t work with my version of wine, whatever the latest stable is.

Also ImgBurn allows to change these features in BenQ drives. Is imgburn running under Wine?

geno888 happy poster, I suppose you missed this.
There are also some threads in ImgBurn forum about this subject… :wink:

BTW, one of my friends runs ImgBurn on Ubuntu, but he doesn’t have a BenQ so I have no information if the BenQ specific functions work.
Linux users please check this out and report back.

doubtful. I couldn’t change booktype in dvd decrypter under linux

edit: oh my, it seems to work!!! pinto you rock. booktype still doesn’t work though. :frowning:

edit: booktyping works if I sudo wine. sweet.