Linux 64 Questions

I am considering moving my computer from Win XP 32 bit to Linux 64 bit. I am using an Athlon 64 3400+ and my impression is that a 64 bit OS will provide a better use of this processor. I understand there is limited support for applications and 64 bit running, so would this change not really yeild any performance increases?

Any advice? Anyone know anything about linux 64? Running it themselves? Vista is exactly the reason I want out of Windows and linux is tempting. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I’m have suse 10.2 64bit as a second OS on my fx-60 rig (so I can run SMP folding :wink: ) and its starting to grow on me. very intuitve and pretty interface and tons of free programs. If you only use the pc for web browsing and general office tasks linux is the way to go… suse comes with open office (ms office clone with word processor, spread sheet, power point clone, etc), the Gimp (photoshop clone), several vector drawing aps (illustrator clones), video/audio editing, cd/dvd burning, firefox, and even a few basic (yet addictive) games and probably more stuff that I’m forgetting (I’m in windows ATM). whats even better is all the “clone” programs can use and edit the file formats that the real programs use, so you can still trade files between windows users. There are downsides too though, one of my biggest peeves is how some simple tasks on xp can be a pain in teh ass on linux, ie installing nvidia drivers, but at least there are tons of guides on the web

your best bet is to install a few distros alongside xp and see if you like them before you completely ditch xp


Thanks for the tip, I am going to try the Suse 64 bit edition that runs off a DVD. Just to get a feel for it.