Linkyo vs Ritek Ridata

At this point, are Linkyo considered higher quality than Ritek Ridata? I understand that its too early to tell how long linkyo will last, but if they are showing up as decent fake TY, that sounds better than Ritek has been sounding.

If they have to fake a MID code to be able to be used by drives I would avaiod them like the plague, in much the same way as I would avaiod Riteks’ G05 discs. Just by Verbatims (16x) or TYs. Buying cheap discs is a false economy in the long run.

Define “cheap” discs, because right now, Verbatims are scary low: - 9.99 after rebate, but still $19.99 regular price is confusing how these discs could be so cheap but better.

even at rima they are cheaper than Ritek - $23.00

Not to mention these are white inkjet printable, which typically incurs an extra cost.

I do notice that the manufac code is diff between the two stores.

Sounds stupid. Don’t expect anything good from crap but if you look around here there are ppl praising crap. You could be lucky too but you could pay a few more pennies and play safe. Read everywhere in the media forum to see what media goes well with your burner :wink:

I have found that faked MID media will deteriorate worse than ritek G05. G05 can increase in PIF levels, but still be read back for a while longer, where faked TY/MCC etc i personally have found will show CRC errors sooner.

Buy those verbatims!

Dicer…how true…spot on mate (Nice to see another Melbournite on line). The worst disks I have ever used, period, are Princo. In the early Cd burning days their stuff was excellent, now!!! I’v found that Princo disks will deteriorate after a few weeks…causing skips and mis-transfers on re-recordings. I don’t know why people are so obsessed about saving a dollar at computer swap meets (Princo= $16 per 50 spindle) when you buy can average quality Maxdata for $19 per spindle and Riteks (pretty good) for $21.

Well the rebate seems to be a US thing as I have not seen a similar deals here in the UK, unless rebate stands for discount (ie members, student etc), therefore when comparing prices forget the rebate and work from none rebated proices. For £10 (approx $17.40) I can only get 10 disc spindles, none printable, as I can not shop online, compare that to £6 ($10.44 approx) for 25 RiDisc and you can see what I mean by cheap.