Linkyo dvd-R 8x

does anyone know about the quality of these discs? they have a very good price on supermediastore…

that is one hell of a price for that many dvd’s inlcuding free shipping. I want to know like loud tiger if these are good enough or absolute crap. I have the Benq dw1620 burner.

Well they’re round… but they’re not media

If it’s very cheap = fake TYG02 = crap = avoid.

Yup, honestly folks. For those of us who live in the US there is absolutely no need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for media like that. I mean come on. With 8x Taiyo Yuden TYG02 being less than 40 cents a disc (including shipping) from and the value line stuff being less than 30 cents a disc shipped, why the hell would you even bother with anything of lesser quality. As Franksoy (sorry if I butchered your name) said, we really are spoiled with media prices now-a-days. BTW unless it has “GG” stamped onto the discs it is fake.

um where?

these DVD+R (I prefer plus) $39.99

Rima wants $4.05 for ground shipping (least expensive)

how’d you pull of free shipping?