Linksys WRTG $25 wireless router - a big catch- but painless, Europe/USA only

Europe and North America


Business Week article explaining it
" On Feb. 6, a little-known Spanish startup called Fon made worldwide headlines because of an eye-popping equity investment. Internet giants Google (GOOG) and Skype (EBAY), a unit of eBay, along with the prestigious venture-capital firms Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures, are pumping $21.5 million into the Madrid-based company to help it take off."

7 February 2006, BBC News.

Heavyweight firms such as Google and internet telephony outfit Skype are to invest in an embryonic plan to share wi-fi access around the world. They have joined with venture capital firms to plough $22m (£12.6m) into Fon, a three-month-old Spanish startup. Fon, which has already attracted 3,000 subscribers, aims to build a network of broadband users to share connections wirelessly when away from home. A recent survey showed that few laptop owners use wi-fi outside their homes. According to a survey by electronics firm Toshiba, about 20% of laptop owners did not know how to use wireless functions, while 25% thought wireless existing "hotspots" were too expensive.

How the hell this information is relate to the title of your post which is about $25 Wireless router from Linksys?. Are you trying to convey a message?.

If you read the first link provided, you will see that the router is “Fon-ized”. It has been opened and diddled in some way to make it work on their network. As such, it is no longer warranteed and god only knows what’s inside. Wireless routers are routinely available at this (or lower) price. So why bother?

This looks like a scam!

FON Blog

  1. Linksys 54g routers at $25 is a good price, no rebate involved.
  2. If you provide WiFI, you will get to use the hotspots for free. If you elect not to rpovide WiFi access and you pay, it will be around $2/day, which is a very good deal for hotspot access compared to commercial plans such as Borders.
  3. Not a scam, just starting up, needs people. You do not have to buy a router to provide access if you want, you can download their software/firmware and use your router if it meets their criteria.
  4. Speakeasy allows FON access. They are talking to other ISP’s, I have Comcast, I am waitng on Comcast’s decision on allowing FON.
    So a router for $25, free WIFI access if you are a “Linus”, about $2/day if you are a “Alienl”. FON is still just starting, even if it fails, you still end up with a $25 router. Good deal IMHO.
    What the developers of Skype think about it:
    Skype blog