Linksys WRT54G Router problem

I have a Linksys WRT54G router. But I cannot cannot it to the net. I have entered the correct user name and password give nto me by the net provider but when I check status. I get “PPPoE Authentication Error”.
What to do? is this hardware error. i am getting all the lights on the router (internet, lan, wlan, and power).

No, it’s a “Authentication Error” meaning that you don’t have PPPoE or you have wrong user id or password.

my ISP provider has given me username and password and im sure i made no mistake in that…

how do i know if i have a PPPoE or not… if not how do I get one…

and i and getting “PPPoE Authentication Error”…

Ask your ISP

it is PPPoE connection. I checked with my ISP provider. I configured it again still the message is showing “PPPoE authentication error”. I also tried usin the Wizard that comes with the CD, again its shows “Unable to acces Internet”

how can i confirm if the problem is with the router??

It most likely isn’t, try upgrading firmware if you haven’t.
Does the same settings work if you make a (PPPoE) connection using Windows?

No i couldnt get conn using PPPoe from my PC also…
what to do now??

What does your current network setup look like?
How do you get online?

i am using another connection. it is a HSDPA network sysm it uses some custom modem/router provided by the ISP. i am actually tring to repalce that connect with my new connection…

If PPPoE doesn’t work from your computer (Modem --> Computer) you most likely have incorrect login settings.

ok man. it is workin now… the ISP ppl came and changed the antenna…

tks mate