Linksys wrt-54gl how to open ports for psp?



hey guy’s i have this new linksys router, i just plugged and played but found i had to call cisco and for hook up. after i did get it to work for my two tablets wireless and hard wired to my dell xps i thought i would hook up my psp also wireless well i had trouble with that and sony said i had to open some ports they gave me the #'s but when i went to open the ports i couldn’t:doh: figure out where to put the tcp or udp # they are not listed on the screen as tcp or udp anybody got an idea and i mean step by step because linksys won’t help me at all and i don’t want to mess up what is running now please help


I suggest you start there:


one place to start is the port forward site, also you need to know what port your PSP want to be open.

You can laso open uPNP and almost everything should work ok.