Linksys Quality pulled down by KiSS-Technology

I just posted the article Linksys Quality pulled down by KiSS-Technology.

Ronny Van Dam wrote in with the following news via our news submit:
Europe’s main portal of reviewing Media Player hardware has publicly launched it’s frustration with former KiSS-Technology, now…

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Go Blu :g

As one of the KiSS ex customers (owned 2 of their players DP-500 and DP-558) I can say it was true all the from the beginning. The only think I find strange that it took MPC almost 5 years to understand that “the king is naked”. Other then that everything correct.

Linksys products didn’t work long before they bought KiSS.

I’m ashamed we did, but it’s 3.5 years actually, almost 4. We did not want it to come this far but after 3 years of actively trying and listening to their promises while none of them where ever realised, support mails to consumers providing promises and never coming to reality and so on, it eventually had to escallate again (it escallated in December 2006 for the first time where they promised to realise this and since then, again, nothing happenned) I hope they will eventually improve as they have potential, certainly now being linksys but I can’t sit asside and see how they play games with consumers that paid a lot of money and not even want to make a small effort to provide the updates needed to prevent voiding warranty or provide resellers with a low stock of spare PSU and DVD Drives. I’m having trouble remaining unbiased at this time but we try… Credits to CDFreaks for covering this. Always has been, always will be the best site in Europe… (we are second :-0 )

Good to here from you HiJack + LK :wink: as you know, I realised this many years ago and went the htpc route, never looked back or been happier browsing and playing my media :slight_smile: K|I|S|S were never interested in fixing bugs, just selling products.
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Hey there Zag… Glad to see you once again, been a while since we had fund with gooddvdstuff huh :slight_smile: We are still around but gave up on covering KiSs alone knowing it would head to a disaster eventually. Now we can live happily ever after too… finally! Enjoy