Linkshare + LG



I’m trying to update the firmware on my LG 4163 but whenever I try any links I get transfered to an error message from Linkshare saying the link has been removed.

Is this a new thing that LG are doing?
Or has a trojan infected my machine? And if so why does it only affect me trying to get firmware from LG?

Can someone try a firmware link for the 4163 and see if I am a moron or not :slight_smile:


Managed to download it from a different machine. Must be something infecting my machine.

Weird that it only effects the LG download though. Think I am going to wipe that machine, sorry for the stupid post - if one of the admins would delete it then I would appreciate it.


I think it’s fine here. Why don’t you keep this thread to talk more about your own experiences here? (That’d be what I would do.)

Threads and posts here are deleted when they contain no valid messgage, when they include too much offtopic messsage, or are just spam message. Your posts are not harmful but if you still want this thread deleted, ask any of the administrators here by PM (you’d have to include the thread URL and why you want this thread removed though.)

BTW, where did you try the file? Isn’t it because of some SP2 or firewall or antivirus software that prevented it from downloading? (I don’t know what Linkshare is, something do with Linksys product?)