Links to nowhere

I’m a newbie and want to flash my NEC. The links to the files that I need on this forum go nowhere. Link to herries site get
“Site offline 'till further notice. Please thank those damn scriptkiddies for it!”
All the links for the flasher and FM I need point to tdb on rpc1. All the links for files on that page look like
which then gets
which says
“Offsite linking is not allowed. Shame on you to try and steel our bandwidth”
and then tells you to go to firmware page that sends you back to the TDB’s page!!!
Searching for the files my name on rpc1 goes nowhere.
:confused: :frowning:

I can download Herrie’s firmware from your link with no problem.

Use for Dangerous Brothers. I can download from that link with no problems as well.

Probably qqdc needs to turn off his firewall that prevents the referrer to arrive at the rpc1 servers

Herries page is back for me!

But at links such as
still get me to the offsite linking page.

I’m not (aware of) using a firewall. Any suggs where to look. Or how can I get the file from the site without that link

Down for me still.

Our position on this :

It should be noted that you can’t hard link to content on our site from here. CDFreaks is an offsite location, and posting such links violates posting rules. Posting hard links interferes with our ability to manage our site content.

All the drive entries are anchored in the index page, and they can be freely quoted.
For example

CDFreaks in an effort to control the page width provides … truncation of links on these pages as you view them, with the full link in the clickable HREF. Cutting and Pasting truncated links corrupts them, use Right Click Copy Link Location (Netscape)

Brother Vlad

Found an expired Norton Internet Security, but active somehow. Did deinstall, and all’s OK. Thanks everyone!!!