Links for home audio/home video

hello everyone,

will someone please post up as many links to forums on home audio and home video?? I tried searching in google but with my luck i didnt see anything to good. Im a member at,, and i think thats about it maybe some others. I wanted as many forums as i can get. links that will take me direct to the forums. Please reply back ASAP. thanks everyone.

What about home audio & video?
Are we talking about mastering? Discussion / guides on how to get DV into your PC using XYZ firewire/streaming USB2 ? Or are we talking about how to hookup your video / DVD /other AV unit which provide only Svideo out into your plasma screen tv that only accepts DVI analogue/ iLink ?

Please give complete question, or at least specify a little more.

sorry i mean home video & home audio as in discussions about amps (receivers) speakers subs, what is the best ones to get. how to hook it up once i buy it. how to build receivers. how to build speakers and sub woofers. video as in HDTV, Plasma, 16:9 widescreen, flat screen and so on on home audio & video. nothing to do with computers. Is there any forums on that??

Try here …

or more specifically, here

AVSforum is a HUGE forum for everythin Audio and Video they also have a nice HTPC board