Links for free CD/DVD Graphical Labels maybe for Lightscribe too?

I saw this graphic in the review and was wondering - MAN - where can I get stuff like that?

Does anyone have some links to cool graphic label things like that? I’d like to check some out and think that one looks spiffy. :slight_smile:

I’d appreciate it.

I don’t wanna steal copyrighted stuff, I just want to use it for personal coolness factor. :slight_smile:

The author of the review emailed me back and pointed me to this site:

In the downloads section, under the Gallery:

Tons of ones there, including the one I wanted, which is called STRONGBOX.

Way cool.

They also have free label apps and a contrast enhancement app.

Good stuff to find, and it’s free.

Thanks anyways. Hope someone can benefit from checking this out.

Thanks for finding and posting those links.

It’s so easy when people answer their own questions! :smiley:

I still wish that Lightscribe was better, but it is cheaper than doing things with printable disks on ink-jets, and certainly less hassle. So, I guess I’ll go out and buy a pack of Verbatims and start goofing around with those free backgrounds.

I can’t seem to download that contrast enhancement program. Get a web error.

Other than that, things look pretty nice. Those backgrounds may be all I ever need to mess with. Most look quite professional.

I’m still not a fan - the thing is more of a novelty to me at this point - but what the heck? It’s something to toy around with and I do enjoy researching and learning new things. Keeps the mind active. :slight_smile:

Never seen any Verbatims Lightscribe DVD disks, Only seen HP, Benq, and Phillips where are these Verbatims?


For any UK folk browsing here, they can be bought from too - I just bought a pack of 10 Verbatim LS 16x +Rs :slight_smile:

I would prefer some Verbatim Lightscribe DVD-R’s, but hey, I’ll be patient. :slight_smile:

One of the best things about that LIGHTSCRIBE.COM site is that they have a FREE version of SureThing CD Labeler 4 SE available for download. I find it to be better / easier than Nero Cover Designer, and dig the fact that it auto sizes / snaps the background graphic right in place.

I’m still not sure if Lightscribe is more of a novelty than a useful tool, but it is fun to geek around with it. I got a 30 pack of Verbatim CD-R’s (lightscribe 1.2) for $13 at Best Buy and am just printing a dozen or so of the label graphics out that I downloaded from the Free Gallery at Just to see what they look like.

Only a handful of the backgrounds seem to be useful for labels, while the rest seem more about being artistic and less about making good spots for text that shows the content.

STRONGBOX is my fave every day one, and the rest I’m just kinda goofin with. In order to get Strongbox to look the way I want, I unfortunately have to burn the label twice at the best setting. Given how freakin’ long these things take to burn (I have the Lightscribe Contrast Enhancement loaded and burn at the BEST setting), I’m pre-printing a bunch that will later contain data and once they are burned for data, I can flip it over and print only the text that will go over the pre-done background. Should at least save some time that way.

Fun to play with, but boy, my Sharpie is just Waaaayyyy faster. :slight_smile:

Hehe, I’m glad you posted that Strongbox one, that’s so cool. I shall probably use that label mostly :iagree:

Yeah, I shall probably stick to my Sharpie mostly. But as you say LS is great to geek about with :iagree:

You know what I find myself doing? Burning like 3 or 4 versions of the same label to test out different levels of contrast, different font sizes and locations, bold text, not bold text, one font vs another font, etc.

Oh man. I’m wasting so much time and probably $13 that I could have used to buy something really good at Wendy’s or Burger King. But sometimes, it just feels good to tinker, and thankfully, since getting a Dual Core CPU, my system is WAY more responsive when I am burning a disk or something like that. So, I can do all kinds of fun stuff while it’s grinding away for that 28 minutes or whatever…

I really like the new Lite-On drive so far. It’s quiet, responsive, reads everything I put in there and the burns seem of good quality. All this and Baseball games to watch on TV tonight. Does life get much better? :smiley:


Boy, do I need to get outside a bit more or what? lol

Verbatim lightscribe dvd-rs are available:

I’m interested to see what the MID on these might be. I’ve had mixed results so far with HP branded -rs, and that’s all I ever seem to be able to find.

Nice catch. Dunno how I missed 'em on the Verbatim site.

I know that after years of doing this stuff, Verbatim’s just flat out get the job done far more consistently than any other brand I have tried, so I’m stickin’ with 'em. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for piece of mind and am comforted by the knowledge that I have a very good chance of getting a quality finished product if I stick with them as opposed to scoping out specials to save a buck or two. Thankfully I am doing ok money wise so have that freedom. I’m very grateful and lucky for that fact and thankfully the price diff is minimal so it takes the guilt out of it. :slight_smile:

BTW, I think it is SOOO cool that you can burn the label a second, third or even more times to get the contrast where you want it to be. It’s nice that the labels are lined up so precisely each and every time. So even bad labels can be recovered somewhat with a second or third repeat of the process.

I can’t help scoping specials… I recently got 200 Imations for $15. :slight_smile:

I only use the Lightscribe discs for home video transfers (ie, discs given to family)… I had started with an Epson printer but it broke within a month, so I decided to try Lightscribe. I’ve been watching for the Verb -Rs because there seems to be a glut of Panasonic dvd players in my family that won’t play +R media and I don’t trust HP (CMC) to last a long time.

I haven’t tried burning the label more than once, but it does sound cool.

I have found that Enhanced Contrast utility has been very helpful, though I think the wackiness of the 1.2 media (the fact that it has a lower quality coating to save time or something) kind of makes that almost a mandatory type of app to be using.

I can’t understand how LS can be considered cheaper or superior in any way to inkjet - I have 2 Epson printers that will handle disks, and a spare still in the box, and they’ve worked fine for the past 3 years of HEAVY use (general, photo, & disk). I only have 1 LS disk, and I only got that because it came free with my last burner. I doubt I’ll ever use it, though.

Ink is much more expensive than it should be, imo.

Tru dat! But they aren’t giving away LS media, either.

LightScribe media seems to be about 3 times the cost of normal media, at least when it comes to Verbatim.

There is still no perfect solution, but at least we have options.