Linking XBOX 2 Computer, please help!

Hi just wondering if anybody could help me. I want to link my XBOX to my PC mainly for the purpose of file sharing.

I have a modded (chipped) box running evolution_X.
In my computer i have 2 network cards (one with my broadband Internet connection, the other free)

I tried creating a simple FTP by following instructions posted by The Black Wizard but had no luck.

If ANYONE has any suggestions or can help me, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :bow:


All you need to do is connect your XBOX LAN port with a crossover cableto a network card in your PC. MAke sure both the XBOX and the free NIC in the PC are in the same IP range (usually it’s 192.168.0.x if you didn’t mod your EvoX settings). After that, FTP should work as explained by the Black wizard.