Linking to previous attachments

When wanting to attach and image that may have already been posted previously, after uploading, it informs you which thread it is posted in …

In cases like “Quest for the longest thread” this can mean searching through hundreds of pages of posts … OUCH.

Is it possible that this feature can report back the link to the post, rather than the thread, or better still, the link to the attachment.

On a similar note, when linking to a previously attached image on cdfreaks, it displays a link to the image, rather than displaying the image.

Try again …

Tada …

Displays fine in the editor … before posting …

How can we get around this?

If you go into your user control panel, you can view all of your attachments ever made in the “Attachments” section. This also lists which post the attachment is located in a thread and also gives you the option to delete the attachments out of the given posts, which would be one way of being able to re-use them.

Alternatively, you can try using a webhosting service or one of the many freely available image hosting services to host your image and then link to it within your posts by enclosing it within image tags.

I never knew that, cheers, Seán…very handy info! :smiley:

That method is open to abuse :slight_smile:

You could post a piccy that reads … XXX is a wanker … then delete it later … isn’t that why the post edit option only remains open for 30 minutes?

And besides, if members delete the attachment out of posts, many posts wouldn’t make sense …

Also open to abuse … but worst of all, subject to change at any time.

/me foresees cdfreaks becoming like a F-grade students exam paper … little red X’s everywhere!

  • To create a link to a post, click the post# on the top right of each post. It will show the post and attachment(s).
  • To link to a post inside a thread, click the time/date on the top left of each post.
  • Linking directly to the attachment afaik is (still) disabled after we got the new servers.