Linking in Dreamweaver 2004 MX

Hi Guys,

I am designing a website in DW 2004 MX, and it is only a basic page with pictures that are thumbnails with text alonside.

What i wanted to know is. I wanted to use the the thumbnail pictures to link to their fullsize images.

This is not a problem. What I wanted to be able to do is, if I am halfway down the webpage I wanted to and I link to the full size picture I wanted to make a ‘Back’ link that would automatically link to the correct thumbnail at the correct position and not always at the top.

I know you can use anchors when you are linking within a page to jump to certain parts of a page but how can I do this from different pages?

Thanks in advance for any info given. :slight_smile:

It’s o.k guys my memory has come back to me. :smiley:

I simply added the #(+anchor name) to the end of the web address htm line.

Im glad I solved that one.