Linking duplicate files with NeroCOM API

How do you hard-link file(s) using the NeroCOM API. I am currently in the process of replacing our applications imaging engine with Nero. The engine we are currently using has an “optimization” flag which if set during initialization automagically senses duplicate files and creates the hard-links appropiately.

I’ve scoured thru the Nero docs but just don’t see a way of doing this. I would expect to do this in the NeroFolder type or NeroFile type as I add my folders and files.

Btw, I am writing a ISO9660 filesystem on CD-R media using BurnIsoAudioCD call. Basic stuff.

To summarize, I want to hard-link foobar.file to a filenamed zingbat.file.

CDROOT\SomeOtherFolder\zingbat.file (is really foobar.file in different folder and renamed)

Thanks to anyone who can help me.