Link to InCD new version ( Needed

When I use the update feature in the program it only directs me to the version

Can anyone give me a link to the new version.


Yes i have the same problem and would like the link/program too.

I found that after installing ver 4157 that win xp pro kept restarting. i had to go back to ver 4100 to solve this. i wonder if this is why they have released a new ver so quickly!

any one else had the same problem?


also regarding the above i have lost data due to the previous ver and am trying to recover it using isobuster 1.5. when i try and drag and drop the files to my desktop the program advises that i need to register, is there another prog i can use as i dont want to spend all that money just to recover a couple of lost files.



Use the jap link and cancel the download. Where it says “if the download dosn’t star click here”, open the link in a new window and again cancel the download. Then change the URL to read incd41510.exe and press enter.

Try this:



Cheers, the software is there now and i have downloaded it. does any one have a link to the incd version history to show what the new version has fixed/improved.

i can see the fixes upto, but this does not show what has fixed.


just to let you know the new version is also causing my system to crash/restart. i have reverted back to ver 4100 which is again working fine.

Is it just me who is having this problem?