Link to alien v predater 2 please

full game please

You won’t get a link here. It’s illegal.

You can download complete games (2cd’s) on IRC.

yeah sure after the resent events u can easy find stuff NOT

OK. I just installed XP and havn’t got time to use mirc yet. But I did download it less then 10 days ago. I do know a friend of mine used to download of a FTP but they have troubles with the FBI.

I think U should search on FXPboards. It’s 2 old now… …search @ friends or librarie…

Could someone please post a CD key for AvP2? My dumb wife thru the box away with everything in it.

Originally posted by Slider
Could someone please post a CD key for AvP2?

Posting serials is NOT allowed. Neither is it to post a link, what was the original question in this thread.
People can PM (Private Message) you guys to help you out. :smiley:

Your wife threw the box away … LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Hmmm … I bought it :eek:

Or you could get a new CD-key from sierra since you can easily verify that you actually bought the game ! :rolleyes:

I already did, but thanks for the sarcasm…:stuck_out_tongue: