Link from end of movie to Main Menu

I joined two movies with original menus. At the end the movie, the screen goes black and I can’t move past that with the remote (menu or stop won’t work).

  1. How do I link the end of the movie to the original main menu?
  2. How do I link the original main menu to the DvdRemake “disk one, disk two” menu?

Thanks in advance

What version of DvdReMake are you using? Pro?

How does the original behave? The merge feature does not touch the original structure; it merges the 2 dvds together leaving the original intact.

To get to the DvdReMake startup menu, just select Title menu.

I’m using version 3.1.4. The original also goes to a blank title/chapter but the Title Menu button on the remote does work.

Take a look: