Lines that cycles through movie viewing

I have been using anydvd and clonedvd2. I have noticed that in the first 30 minutes or so there is a faint line that is going up on the picture. It is constatly cycling through. It is faint but noticeable in dark scenes or if you are viewing up close. It does eventually go away. Does anybody have any ideas on this or similar experiences.

With just one movie backup or all backups? Do the originals play with your faint line too?

Check to be sure the cable connection from your player to the TV is plugged in securely. remove and reseat the plugs into the sockets on the TV and the player. Are they cheap cables? You have to use a real high quality, high bandwidth “Component” cable-connection (Red/Blue/Green) cables if you are playing in progressive mode to an HDTV. How have you “setup options” for your player to your TV’s display options. Can you post more info about your playback setup? Very little info to diagnose!

Do you have a second DVD player and cable set? try that player with you tv and see if you still get your faint line.

Problem sure sounds more like something in your home entertainment setup than the backup software. Like the scanning mode your tv is set to or progressive mode problem with your player.

IT happened on two different TV playbacks. They were both played on Sony Dvd players. One was newer then the other. This is not HDTV at all. They were movies burned on to TDK Dvd+R.

You didn’t answer:

“With just one movie backup or all backups? Do the originals play with your faint line too?”

Put the originals in the player … does your problem still show up?

I will be checking it when I get home today. Thanks for the help so far.