Lines on dvd's

im using dvdfab. i have an internal flashed BenQ DW1640 burner . I get ring lines on my dvds sometimes. Once they have lines and other times they don’t.

what do I do to correct?

I read a similar post but that was for an internal burner. I am not burning fast speed.

it does not matter what media im using like TY sometimes they show up still!

I really want to solve this once and for all…

anyone know a fix? would getting another burner do it?

Ok shady007 … I’ll take a crack at this. It’s hard to tell from the image but are these “[I]Rings[/I]” of shiny, unburned areas on your media? If so there are a few causes for this:

  1. Are you burning “on the fly” from DVD drive to DVD drive without ripping to your HDD first on a computer that is just average in it’s power? Is your burner and your ripper on the same IDE cable? I ask because your drive’s buffer may be under-running (not keeping enough data in the buffer for the drive to burn). This is due to mis-timing errors on your computer i.e. processor, bus and IDE cable speeds and timing are different than the speeds and timing your burner can handle when writing. Especially if you have two DVD drives on the same cable … data collides, causing burning issues. Your burner drive needs a constant and static “puddle” (the buffer memory) of data from which to draw upon for a constant speed of burning. This is what the buffer is meant to correct for. Puddle runs dry … no data to burn … rings of unburned areas on the backup media. I recommend having drives on different cables even if one is not copying “on the fly”.

Try this configuration:
IDE0-Master: HDD
IDE0-Slave: Ripper
IDE1-Master: Burner
IDE1-Slave: any drive (doesn’t matter)

And FYI, internal, IDE drives have less ripping and/or burning timing error problems than external USB connected DVD drives.

  1. Another reason for unburned rings areas on a bad burn is that you are surfing the web or otherwise multitasking when making your backup. Or your virus program has jumped to life checking out the data transfer along the cables or one of your programs is trying to check for updates on the web or some other automatic function drawing processing power or taxing other system resources away from the task at hand. Some people with super-computers can get away with multitasking during the backup process but even they will recommend against it to those with typical, average computers. Even nowadays, 5+ years into the “protect your investment / backup your original collection trend”, this is still a very delicate process and one should minimize background activity (automated or user activity) and leave one’s system alone while backing up one’s movies.

And, btw, does the media with this symptom play on your player? … because on a few movies (not often) a long darkened scene transition (it would have to be 5-10 seconds or longer) to the next scene in the movie can cause a visible difference of the consistant appearance of burned area on the media … looking like, but not really being a ring of unburned area.

Best regards,

Also and BTW, I know nothing about dvdfab since I have never used it. But I doubt your backup software choice is the problem. So my above advice is generic to whatever program is used.

What brand, type and rated-speed is your media?

And what speed are you burning it at?

Burning to slow can be as bad as burning too fast. In other words if your drive’s firmware has write strategies that will burn 16X rated Verbatim +R blanks at 16x, 12x and 8x but you are burning at 4x (assuming you will get a more reliable burn), then your burner may default to a “generic” or “non-optimized” 4x writing strategy that is not specific to your Verbatims … which is not a good thing. I have also read that too slow a burn can cause burn/playability issues by causing too much “laser-heat” to be applied to the thinner foil of the recording layer meant to be thin in order to accept faster speeds. …but that is second hand information and I can’t attest to it’s accuracy.

The BenQ DW1640 is a hall of fame burner, being one of the best drives ever marketed.


I use high quality TY x8 media and I still get it. It burners on recommanded speed for the meida, not 4x. looks oike dvdfab does it about 6.5-7x. And no I do not copy on the fly. I do no multi tasking while I burn. it looks like it plays on dvd player.

IDE cables. its a dell system.