Lines around object edges

Gents, getting what can only be described as multiple lines around the edges of some objects when i convert to generic. they are more noticeable when the object moves (i.e person moves his outline has lots of lines spaced around his edge).
i’ve changed the output screen size/dimension settings, ive converted and saved the dvd first to hard drive as a dvd then converted to generic (lines are seen on the new dvd saved to hard drive). I’ve also upgraded to the newer version of dvdfab. It’s almost like scan lines but they dont go all the way from one side of the screen to the other just around moving object egdes.

Help would be appreciated. Ta!!


seem like a display adapter or a codec problem. does this happen with all dvds or just one?

Happens with all dvd’s, also lines are apparent no matter what player i use to play the new file (power dvd, windows media, divx etc).
Tryed recoding using my laptop as well as my normal pc with no change (different grafic cards, codecs etc)… trying different fps at the moment… originally had it “same as source”, also tryed it at 25 fps (pal format, region 2)… now trying at 24 fps. i’ll let you know how it goes. however dosnt look good.



well tryed it at all fps settings and also different resolutions (480x368 & 624x464) with no change.

       However its not exactly lines.... it looks like a ghosting/shadow that seems to split up lines when the object is moving, very hard to explain (a straight line looks a little like a zip). i would get a screenshot but all i get when i paste is a black screen, i'll try again. thanks for the input though.


K gents see attached piccie. Tks

As you can see the edges are broken, happens when the object moves.

using the same player to play a dvd, is the picture clear?

Yep, plays fine… The picture i posted before dosnt do the problem justice… heres a couple more, the lines can be seen better when the scene cuts to another scene … no idea what it is… multiple resolutions/bit rates/fps etc tryed with no change. :a

Getting really annoyed now, anyone know a better progam to back up dvd’s?

Any ideas anyone?

An off the wall suggestion…

Another user had artifact problems in his encodes. When he turned off overclocking, the artifacts went away.

Yes sir overclocking can cause such artifacts, not sure if you are overclocking your CPU but if you are may very well be the problem, seems to be the in thing these day :rolleyes:

It looks to me as if it is a picture interlacing problem. Possibly the DVD is a TV episode series with the picture interlaced. I have seen similar things when converting to AVI. I have found a program called AVI.NET does a pretty good job of removing the interlacing from the AVI.
By the way this is much more pronounced on a LED monitor than a standard CRT monitor IMHO.



All my “Friends” episodes are doing this as well. As well as Blue Harvest. I was wondering about the “jaggies” as well when it comes to long lines in shots. So maybe it is a TV Episode thing.




All my “Friends” episodes are doing this as well. As well as Blue Harvest. I was wondering about the “jaggies” as well when it comes to long lines in shots. So maybe it is a TV Episode thing.



Not just TV Episodes but tends to appear in just about anything that is from TV (made for TV movies as well). I have found that I can use DVD FAB option of making a VOB to create a single VOB for the movie/episode then use AVI.NET to remove the interlacing. By the way AVI.NET is free however you do have to have Microsoft .net runtimes installed.
Here is where you can get AVI.NET from

Larry. :slight_smile:

it does do it with my film dvd’s etc as well…:confused:

[QUOTE=shiva russell;2009555]it does do it with my film dvd’s etc as well…:confused:[/QUOTE]

Well if the original DVD plays fine but ripping to AVI causes the lines then maybe try to do StormJumpers “Clean Uninstall” then download a new copy and install it then try the rip again. Lets see if maybe that fixes the issue.

As another thought it could be that the video driver might need to be updated to a the latest version also see if there is an updated driver for your monitor. Other than that I am :confused: as well.

Play one of your problem AVIs in VLC. Right click on the image and try the various Deinterlace options. Do any of them work?

Whats VLC please mate?

Hi Shiva,

VLC is awesome dvd / audio player. Free and plays just about everything. Just Google VLC player and give it a try. Very popular around this forum.:bigsmile: